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Top 5 Business Ideas in Bihar With High-Profit Returns


Having your own business, and being independent has its own advantages. By following your dreams and aspirations, there is always an adrenaline rush which sure is satisfying as doing business makes you self-sufficient, enabling you to become your own boss.

Pursuing your passion lets you have the sweetened fruits and you tend to enjoy your lifestyle and work according to your schedule. The best part is being creative each day and facing new challenges adding some positivity to your life. In this article too, we will talk about different businesses that can be done in Bihar, but before moving forward it is essential to know some background about the state.

Bihar is said to be a developing state which always has its hands open for different startups. It is known for its agriculture and livestock farming. Apart from this, the state is a manufacturer of pulses, shoes, electric items, Mansoor, and cotton yarn.

The state even has one of the best fishing grounds in India, with a lot of weavers. It has a great infrastructure as almost every main village and city in Bihar has developed roads, electricity, and other facilities. Patna being the capital of the state has the best level of amenities.

So, if you are thinking of establishing your business in Bihar, you might look into the state’s background and opt for an idea accordingly. Below, there are the top high return business ideas in Bihar.

Business Ideas in Bihar

Fish Farming

Fish farming can be regarded as the best business practice that you can do if you are wishing to open a business in Bihar. As per the stats the state has about nine lakh acres of wetland with numerous aquatic resources like ponds and tanks.

But for this, you require quality fish seeds, which is also not an issue as the government of Bihar is offering relief for those entrepreneurs who want to develop fish seed hatcheries. So, if you want to try this business, Bihar will be the most suitable option for you.

Computer Training Institute

With the state more focusing on its literacy rate, the demand for some quality computer training institutes has increased. Establishing such institutes that foster technical knowledge might turn into a great investment but it is essential for you to remember that you are too sailing with the boat, that is you have the required knowledge and understanding of the domain.

You can even hire various instructors for the advanced courses which will not be a high investment. All in all, this is sure to successful business to do in Bihar.


Restaurants or cafes tend to be the riskiest business ever known, as it all depends on the consumer taste and preference and thus it becomes necessary to study the market as a whole while opening such business.

Starting with a small cafe or restaurant in Bihar is an excellent opportunity initially the investment cost is high but if you are able to succeed accordingly the profits generated are good. So, if you are a food enthusiast and have the confidence to attract the taste buds of the people in Bihar then this is your business.

Transport Business

Bihar is a large state when it comes to its surface area and there is always a necessity to transport different goods and products from one place to another and for this, the requirement of logistics arises. Thus, making this sector an impeccable contender to give your time.

This business tends to be highly profitable for young professionals. All you require are 2 or 3 vehicles and then you can simply choose the product or the service you want to transport.

Holding Franchises

Franchises are yet another idea that can be effectively carried out in the state of Bihar. The franchise is basically referred to as a partnership between two parties namely the franchisor and franchisee, where the franchisor sells its idea and the right to use its name to the franchisee.

The franchisee in return buys the right to sell the franchisor’s product under a trademark. With Bihar being a developing state the idea of holding a franchise is really promising, the key issue being the cost.


One cannot stop you from creating your own ideas and implementing them as your own business but it becomes necessary for you to make a thorough plan and collect all the required permits that are needed to make your business function.

If we talk about Bihar, it is developing which means that it holds a lot of potential, and investing there early will surely provide you with long-lasting benefits only if you are a sound entrepreneur who has the strategy and has done in-depth research.

Above are just the top 5 business ideas in Bihar, that you can choose according to your interests, availability of resources and capabilities or you can simply go for something new or creative, all that is needed is a creative and innovative idea!

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