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Top Trucking Innovations


Tech has come a long way, especially in the world of trucking. Truckers of today are equipped with the latest technology to keep them safe while driving and also alert them to any impending problems. As a new business owner, you might not know how far technology has really come. It’s important to stay informed about the latest innovations to boost business and protect your drivers.

Collision Detection

Driving for extended periods of time is not without risk. Even if you always drive safely, accidents can happen. Collision detection equipment, like radars, sensors, and dash cam installation can help ward off serious accidents and injuries. Having a dash cam ensures that your drivers are following the rules of the road and taking the necessary breaks according to the law. If you’re not familiar with them, you can review online guides that describe what dash cams are and the installation process.

Logging Devices

Logging devices also give you a glimpse into how your drivers are doing. By law, truck drivers are required stop and rest after a certain number of hours behind the wheel. ELDs can help keep drivers from driving when they’re tired.

Autonomous Trucks

Another innovation to be on the lookout for is autonomous trucks. These self-driving vehicles have a long way to go before they’ll actually be released. However, if successful, they may become the answer to filling in areas of driver shortages. They may also decrease the turnover rate as well.

Alternative Routing

It’s not uncommon for drivers to need an alternative route. Using dynamic routing devices can improve delivery times, customer satisfaction, and lower overhead costs overall. It also offers real-time data allows you and your drivers to find the safest and most efficient route.

Trailer Trackers

Trailer Trackers are another valuable resource to keep your fleet safe. They offer also real-time data about your fleet’s location. Most trackers integrate with smartphones, giving you that extra peace of mind that your staff are where they need to be.

Augmented Reality

This type of technology will noy only warm your drivers of upcoming weather conditions, but also give updates of any potential mechanical issues with their vehicle. It also can predict traffic jams and areas that might be considered too risky to drive through.

Big Data for Supply Chain

Although not technically a device, big data plays a huge role in your company’s success. Big data, when used with AI, can help predict ebbs and flow in demand. As a business owner, you need to know whether the product you haul is in high demand. If not, you run the risk of not meeting your quarterly or annual goals. This can also help you outsmart your competition and set trends instead of following them.

Hybrid Trucks

Hybrid trucks will revolutionize the trucking industry. They’re safer for the environment and cost less to maintain. Based on the fact that many hybrid vehicles run on batteries, they’re also better for the environment.


Blockchain offers a bird’s eye view of the supply chain, providing trucking companies and the people they do business with an added layer of security. Increased visibility of the supply chain reduces the risk of miscalculating delivery dates. It also provides an easier way to store documentation.

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