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How to Track Someone’s iPhone Remotely (100% Works)


Everyone has their reasons to track someone’s iPhone. For parents, you may be interested in knowing your kid’s approximate location to ensure they are safe. Married people tracking may give them peace of mind and sanity, just knowing their partner is not cheating.

Knowing where someone is probably the most comforting and valuable technology to have. You couldn’t be more confident knowing your loved one is safe. Or, you want to keep tabs on your employees to make sure they are at their correct work location.

Part 1: Spyier – The iPhone Tracking Solution

Spyier is a top-notch tracking solution specialized in tracking iPhones. Millions of people are using it across the world because of its high performance and reliability. It has gone ahead to make headlines in prominent media outlets like Life Hacker and Top 10 Reviews.

It allows you to track the movement of the iPhone using its in-built GPS. On top of that, it has more than 30 features that could be of importance to you. When using it, you will notice that it does not drain much battery.

It needs no jailbreaking in iOS, making it even more efficient. This is due to the cutting edge technologies that will track the phone without the need to alter it. That also means it does not void the phone’s warranty.

Although Spyier works with both Android and Apple devices, for iOS, it does not need download or installation. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the targeted phone to start tracking. You only have to verify the details on Spyier’s main website.

Before verification, you need to ensure that you have turned off the two-step verification. Go ahead and confirm that the iCloud syncing is turned on. You can read this page to track someone’s iPhone using Spyier remotely.

Its undetectability and anonymity while using it makes it become what you really need. Your target will not have the slightest clue of what you are up to. The only way for the culprit to know if you decide to tell.

It has a web-based dashboard that works with all browsers.  Therefore, you can use any internet-enabled device to log into your account. Just ensure your internet connection is stable and reliable.

Spyier will give you the real-time location of the iPhone instantly. Every few minutes, you will be able to see an update of where they are and where they were. The data you obtain is safe from unauthorized access since it does not store the data.

It instead syncs from iCloud when tracking. The Geofencing feature in Spyier allows you to set up restricted zones. Sometimes you do not want your target to go to some unwanted areas. Immediately they go past the unwanted zones, you will receive an alert in your email.

Now that we have learned some information about Spyier, it’s time to track phones. Before you get to the steps, here are other things this app can track apart from the location.

Part 2: Spyier iPhone Tracking Features

All saved contacts

Incoming and outgoing calls

Incoming and outgoing iMessage

Installed applications

Keylogging feature that records all the keystrokes recorded

All the videos downloaded and recorded


Recorded notes and calendar

The browser history

Social media apps like Whatsapp

For more information on Spyier, visit our main website as there’s much more to learn. There’s unlimited access to all features once you have subscribed to your preferred package. Below are the guidelines you need to follow when using Spyier.

Part 3: How to Track Someone’s iPhone Remotely with Spyier


The Apple device should be version 7.o or later

Reliable internet connection

An authentic email address

Steps to Start Spying

Step 1: Go to Spyier’s main website and click the signup button. Register using an email address and a password. Choose the Apple icon to continue.

Step 2: Purchase your preferred package and wait for an email containing the payment and confirmation details. After the email, log into your account and verify the iCloud ID of the targeted device. Next, choose the phone you want to track and wait for synchronization.

Step 3: Syncing will take a while. After it is complete, you will see a dashboard with all the information you are looking for.

To track the iPhone, click on location feature to see the precise location and all the previously visited places.

If you want to impose restrictions, use the Geofencing feature.

Part 4: Why is Spyier the Most Preferred Tracking App?

Does not drain much battery

Subscription plans are affordable

Reliable customer support at any time of the day

You can uninstall it remotely through the online dashboard

Precise updates in your online account

More than 30 features in one package

No download or installation in Apple devices

No jailbreaking in iOS

Unlimited access to the features

It works undetectably so your target will not have any idea about it


Please go through our guide again on how to track someone’s iPhone remotely. Do not forget to turn off two-step verification and confirm that the iCloud syncing is turned on.

The information you get is safe from unauthorized access because Spyier syncs the data instead of storing it.

All these can be done fast and also remotely. Spyier works silently in the background after the acquisition. That is why people across the globe will continue using it.

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