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Trouble With Debt Management? Download These 4 Apps Right Now


To maintain a good credit score, find effective debt management strategies. Ensure you pay all your loans and credit cards on time to avoid penalties and high-interest rates. Look for ways you can use the current technologies to pay debts on time and clear them quickly. The great thing is that, now, you can find mobile apps that work on android and iOS to help you with better management of debts. Here are four apps to download now if you are struggling with debt management.


Do you know that you can use spare change from your daily expenses to pay off debts? The trick is to find an app that automates this work. Qoins is one of the great apps you can get now for this function. The app has a user-friendly interface and rounds up each expenditure to generate the spare change. For example, if you purchase an item at $ 2.60, the app will round up to $ 3.00 and save the 40 cents that will be directed towards debt payment.

The combined use of this app and seeking help at National Debt Relief will move you closer to financial freedom. Qoins is a secure app, so you don’t have to worry about giving it access to your bank accounts and credit cards. The app also offers you the option to pause the rounding up of spare change at any moment. Maybe for this month, you have many financial obligations and want to cut debt payments. No problem. Pause the Qoins app and reactivate it later when your situation improves.

With this app, you will take serious steps towards paying off debts fast. You will be surprised to see the spare change that you may take for granted accumulate and help you gain financial freedom. Both android and iOS users highly rate this app showing that it is ideal for you. The ease of use and security features of the app are some things that make it a perfect tool for debt management.


A significant number of people are struggling with student loans despite graduating many years ago. If you are one of these people, look for ways you can pay off these loans. It is not enough to make minimum monthly payments for student loans. Look for ways you can increase the amount you pay each month to clear the loan faster.

Consider getting the ChangED app, which is designed to help people use spare change to pay off student loans. You will only pay $1 every month to use it, which is worth it given the value you will get. The app will evaluate your spending patterns and find areas where it can round up change without having a significant impact on your finances. The app accumulates all spare change from different transactions, and when it gets to $100 is directed to pay the student loan.

Before the spare change reaches the $100 mark, it is safely deposited on your personal FDIC-insured account. Therefore, you get an assurance that your money is safe and will be used to pay off the student debts you owe. To reduce the total interest you incur for the student loan, get this app that will help pay it quickly.

Debt Pay Off Planner

Some people want to maintain control when using different debt management apps. If you are one of these people, you may be reluctant to use apps that require you to grant access to your credit cards and banks. The amazing thing is, with Debt Pay off Planner, you maintain the control level you desire. The app target is to help you keep track of all your debts and the payments you make.

You start by listing all your debts and the minimum amount you are supposed to pay monthly. The next step is to formulate how you want to pay off the debts. You can choose between the debt snowball or avalanche method. The snowball methods recommend you start by paying small debts, while the avalanche method you begin with debts with the highest interest rates.

Once you make a payment, you will update it on the app and see the remaining balances. The great thing with this app is that it offers you a visual image of your progress. Therefore, you will see how long it will take you to pay off all the debts when installing this app on your phone. This will build the motivation to maintain financial disciple to get you out of debt.

Debt Manager

At only a cost of $0.99, you can get this amazing app that will help you manage debts effectively. The app offers you a choice between the debt snowball method and the debt avalanche method. You can pick the one that you feel best suits your situation. The other great thing with this app is allowing you to simulate various possibilities if you increase the monthly payments.

If you have several debts and manage to pay off one, the app transfers the payments you were making to another debt. The goal is to increase the monthly payments on these other debts to pay it off fast and move on to the next. Using this app effectively will help ease financial management for you and get you out of debt.

One drawback of the Debt Manager app is that it does not offer the option to adopt both debt management techniques for different accounts. You either choose debt snowball or avalanche method for all your debts. Evaluate the two techniques and decide which one is easy to manage and help you clear off the debts fast.

Sinking in can be disappointing, making it necessary to develop a plan on how to pay them quickly. With so many financial obligations, it is normal to forget to pay off different debts. To overcome this challenge, look for apps that you can get now. Find user-friendly apps that will motivate you to pay more than the required minimum amounts. Compare the user-friendliness, costs, and effectiveness of these different apps to decide which one to get.

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