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Types of Poker Chips: What You Should Know About Them


Whatever you try to win when playing a game of Poker is called Poker Chips. This is when your opponent tries to have a specific number of them and where you place a bet. So, whichever player has the best hand or can get the others to fold will likely win the chips. If you play a traditional Poker game, the chips are usually replaced with money. However, even if you do not have any real money at stake, players put their best hand at winning chips from each other.

For starters, ask yourself why do you use chips instead of playing with money? The best answer is that it is more convenient to charge $20 and turn it into $1. It is also more flexible to count each other’s stacks, and they are also quite exciting to play with. So, there you have all the right reasons to have a great game of Poker chips. But if you still want to know more about their types before you play at Australian online casino sites, we are here for you. Read this article until the end for the ultimate surprise.

Cheap Plastic (Supermarket Chips)

These are those types of chips that you usually find in a kid’s Poker set. So, if you want to play a meaningless game of Poker, you can use these chips without thinking twice. Generally, this is played with a non-Poker crowd. Hoyle and Radial are some of the most popular companies that make these kinds of chips. But many other firms make them. So, it would help if you researched a bit to find the best one for yourself.

Cheap Plastic (Super Diamond)

These are a lot better than the Supermarket chips we have discussed above. They are not at all flimsy and look good for use. These chips also contain a normal weight and size that is easy to carry. They are also heavier than the supermarket chips. The normal width is also 39mm. You will not find them having any metal slug or anything. That is why people who wish to use better quality chips opt for this one. You could do that too.

Cheap Plastic (ABS Plastic)

Today, these are one of the most famous Poker chips to find in the market. Generally, you will see people referring to them as Dice chips. This is because all the chips have dice around the edges. If you buy these chips, you do not have to spend a fortune either. As such, they make an affordable option in comparison to others. They may also be slippery, so you need to deal with them with caution. A slight metallic clink can also be possible to obtain from these chips.

Faux Clay

If you want to go for the super cheap chips, Faux Clay can be all you need. They are surprisingly good to play with and will give you a fun time like never before. They generally resemble super diamonds but are not made of the same material. If you hold them, you will notice that they are more gritty in texture and less slippery than the others discussed above. You can also find them in the market as Deluxe Dice chips. What is even more intriguing is that they may stack and shuffle better than the rest.

Counting Chips

Generally, you will find these chip denominators-

  • White: 1
  • Red: 5
  • Green: 25
  • Blue: 50
  • Black: 100
  • Purple: 1,000
  • Yellow: 5,000

Yes, you might be able to find other higher ones too. However, you need to keep in mind that you know their value before moving on to anything else. If you want, you may also choose to combine chips to create bets and calls. For example- if you are looking to place a bet of $10, you might be able to bet on ten $1 chips. You may also be able to do the same two $5 chips or five $1s. So, make sure you deal with this carefully when you are on it.

When playing this type of chip, it is first important to make sure that they are easily countable. Also, keep in mind not all the chips are the same. Generally, you will find flat, smooth, and solid chips at a casino. They may also be more expensive than the remaining you can find anywhere else. Since they are highly durable, they make it very cost-effective for casinos to rely on.

Handling Chips

One of the primary reasons people like to use chips is that you can stack them up without any hindrance. It is also easy to count, keep track of them and place bets using them. However, it would help if you kept some important things in mind when dealing with the chips.

  • Do contain them in stacks. It is a highly useful way of practicing money management, and also, having them stacked is more convenient than others. So, whenever your opponent asks for it, you won’t have to spend too much time counting the stacks. It is that simple.
  • Do keep all your chips at the back of any bet lines that are placed on the table. If you do not do that, you might accidentally start betting on them.
  • Do not mix diverse types of denominations in the same stack. Instead, it is better to call and raise.
  • Do not hit the pot. This indicates that if you call by dumping chips into the pot poorly, it might not be the best practice for you.

Always make sure that you are able to deal with the chips properly. Try to abstain from leaving room for errors as much as possible. But it would help if you also focused on not fiddling with the chips. If you do so, you might become very anxious and end up not playing properly. That is why handling the chips correctly is crucial, and remaining vigilant of how the opponents are doing the same is equally important.

Chips are of various kinds, and you can choose what type of chips you want to play with. However, make sure you refer to this article to understand what types are available for you in the first place. You must also consider what type of Poker you want to play before you opt for them. This will help you to have an enjoyable and exciting Poker experience without thinking twice. So, why keep waiting? If you found this article helpful, get going. Follow the handling instructions for the chips and watch them last longer than ever. We promise; it works. See it for yourself to make a difference.

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