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How to Use Google Backup and Sync Tool to Backup Entire Computer, Mobile

by Fahad Saleem

Taking backups is a perennial need for anyone who uses a mobile or a computer. You cannot rely on machines. They can crash anytime, and take away your precious data with them, forever. That’s why you should always backup your computer on Cloud. Google has finally launched  the much awaited Cloud backup tool. Using this tool, you can backup all your files on your computer and mobile on Google Cloud.

Google Backup and Sync Tool to Backup Entire Computer

Google’s backup tool is called Backup and Sync. Just download the tool from this link. The tool will take a few minutes to install.

Google’s Backup and Sync will ask you to select the folders which you want to backup. The app will continuously keep these folders synced and the data in them backed up. This works just like Dropbox.

The latest backup app by Google replaces Google Drive.

Using Backup and Sync, you can edit your files and the changes will be synced back. You can also access your files. All you need is your Google account with which you signed up for the new app.

Google’s backup tool for files isn’t totally free. You can backup your data for free up to 15GB. After that you will have to pay a price. But 15GB is a massive space. You can smartly choose the most important files and photos to backup and continue to use the service for free

If you want to backup the files and photos located on your Android or iPhone, Google Backup and Sync tool is also available is the form of Android and iOS apps. Just install the app in your phone and follow the instructions.

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