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Video Games by African Game Developers to be showcased at Devcom 2018

by Milicent Atieno
africa game developers devcom 2018

Video games by some African game developers will be showcased at the oncoming Devcom 2018; an interdependent game developer game developer conference.

The conference, slated for August 19 – 20, will take place in Cologne, Germany. It will be the 10th anniversary of Gamescom, the biggest games convention in Europe.

Our dream is to have video games as one of the main driver of the African economy, and as a way to employ millions of people throughout the continent. In order to get there, we need a strong ecosystem with game developers from Africa who export their games in the world and gain publicity internationally,” said Sidick Bakayoko, the founder, and CEO of Paradise Game.

The African video games studios that will get to showcase their work

Country Studio
Central African Republic Masseka Game Studio
Madagascar Studio Lomay
Niger MOG Media Design
Kenya Weza Interactive
Algeria FrontFire


At the convention, African game developers’ games will be displayed in an exclusive section named “Africa Corner by Paradise Game.” The event will be hosted at the Koelnmesse International Fair and Exhibition Center (ail Est).

This opportunity will be ideal for African game developers to market themselves on an international scene. It is estimated that the video games industry generates about $100 billion globally. 27% of that, comes from mobile games revenues; Africa is reported to be a mobile game first continent.

Other than the revenue African game developers stand to gain. This opportunity also presents a chance to promote the African culture across the globe within the gaming communities.

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