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Ways To Stay Connected On-The-Go As A Frequent Flyer


For plenty of years, airplanes have been a place where someone could completely escape from technology. However, that’s no longer the case. With a need to be seemingly always connected, more airplanes are providing Internet access to travelers. Previously, even if you wanted, you couldn’t connect to the Internet on planes. That’s since changed since more infrastructure is now available. Thanks to in-flight wireless networks, any business or leisure traveler can connect. Make sure that you can keep your device charged to enable connection while you travel, discover more in this article: What is a power bank?

Here are some of the top tips for taking advantage of in-flight networks.

1. Pick The Right Airlines

Not every airline has this technology available. Some airlines invest more in the infrastructure and some try to cut corners to reduce operational costs. You need to be certain that you are choosing the right airline when you are aiming to leverage in-flight WiFi as not all planes will have it. Some airlines are currently in the process of adding WiFi and some already have it available. A lot of airlines will also have their ways of connecting you. Some of them will use Go-Go WiFi and some will have another provider. You want to choose the one you either have access to or the one that you are willing to pay for. The majority of American planes use Gogo. Whereas, an airline like JetBlue uses Fly-Fi. You can conveniently purchase a Gogo WiFi pass online. These passes can be purchased individually or for a monthly fee.

2. Texting While Flying

Being able to text while you are flying through clouds is amazing. It’s also something that will depend on what phone carrier you have and whether or not the plane has GoGo service. To be able to text on a plane, you’ll need to use Internet-enabled messaging services through third-party apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, or Signal. You will also be able to look at any visual voicemails you have. Anyone that is a T-Mobile customer can get an in-flight texting service without having to pay an additional cost. The airways that support texting while in-flight are AirTran, Delta, American Airlines, and US Airways. Some airlines are in the process of adding it. Keep in mind, your tablet or phone needs to be in airplane mode until the captain announces that it’s safe to turn it off.

3. Making Voice Calls

As of right now, the majority of airplanes will not allow you to make voice calls. While travelers on airplanes used to leverage the Verizon Airfone that was available in every row, you cannot simply use your cell phone while in the air. While some International flights will allow you to make voice calls, the majority won’t. Some of the airlines will include Emirates and Qantas. While there are restrictions in place, you can use T-Mobile’s available WiFi calling if needed. That is if you have a T-Mobile service. If you don’t currently have T-Mobile and this is an important thing for you, it’s a good idea to switch if you’re planning on making air trips anytime soon. That way, you can always be connected.

4. Emails

No matter what, you’ll be able to send emails as long as you have an Internet connection. As long as the plan has enabled WiFi, you can access the WiFi and send out emails to your business partners and clients. You simply need to ensure that you are traveling on a flight that has WiFi enabled. You also want to ensure you have paid for the right WiFi service whether it be GoGo or something else. That way, you are ready to go as soon as you get on the plane.

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