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What is FTT Crypto?


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Some large crypto projects launch their own digital asset with the purpose of competing with other platforms, drawing more attention and growing their user base. For example, WhiteBIT and Binance exchanges have their native coins used for facilitating processes and trades and bringing many benefits and rewards to platforms’ users. Crypto exchange platforms offer tokens that stimulate clients to be active and receive rewards and discounts in return. All this helps stay ahead of competitors. Another example of such a platform is FTX and its FTT token.

What is FTX Crypto?

FTX is a crypto platform focused on leverage and futures trading. Advanced traders actively use FTX for complex trading strategies. The exchange has a native crypto FTT.

The FTT token gives the following benefits to its holders:

  • The token provides its holders with discounts (up to 60%) on trading fees and access to events connected with the token launch.
  • FTX crypto serves as collateral in futures trading.
  • FTT token holders participate in weekly competitions and can win SRM tokens in an airdrop.
  • To cut supply in circulation and support the FTT token price, the mechanism “buy and burn” is implemented.

FTX crypto is traded on all large crypto exchanges. As of October 2022, the FTT USDT pair is traded at $22.3.

Some Updates on FTX

The FTX exchange made a partnership with Reddit to create a community token. Also, as CoinDesk reported, the platform provides liquidity for investors who got bankrupt on the crypto lender Voyager.

You can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange – a young and reputable platform for crypto trading. It offers low transaction fees, high speed of transactions, and robust security for users.

Look for more information and updates on the FTX exchange on its official website. For more information on futures trading and leverage, you can visit the WhiteBIT blog.

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