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What is important in creating UX design?


UX design methodology starts with defining and understanding the objectives of a service and also how best to serve its audience. By understanding users’ psychology, as well as applying UX best practices, it is possible to provide a positive and intuitive experience.

Discover UX design to create effective user experiences

UX design is shaping today’s global online landscape – guiding users through digital services and providing them with a unique experience. Visuals, content, structure, and navigation combine to provide users with intuitive ergonomics.

End users are at the center of UX. If they can easily find the information they are looking for, they will have achieved their goal and will come back. For this reason, UX is interested in the motivations of its users. Why did they decide to visit a website? What information are they looking for? And what problems are they seeking solutions to? UX Design considers given users, customizing an experience that will deliver what they are looking for, in the least complicated way.

Design elements such as navigation, buttons, calls to action, and other interactions take users on a journey through a world of design, with content as the substance. UX design gives direction to all these elements to accompany a user where they need to go and help them find whatever answers they need.

Any discussion of user experience should also mention the design of the user interface. The user interface (UI) deals with the specifics of a design, from the typography used to the appearance of buttons and other interactions. The UX design, unlike the UI design, does not deal with these elements and instead focuses on how a web user will connect and engage with the service.

An example of a company that can help with a professional approach towards UX and UI is Binarapps.

What matters the most in UX design?

Branding and UX share a symbiotic relationship. Well-established brands can have their reputation tarnished by a website with a poor user experience. Conversely, an emerging company may benefit from a functional and easy-to-use experience. The perception of a company, an offer, a service or a product is based on its brand image and its user experience, both of which must be consistent for success.

At the beginning of the UX design process and throughout the product development process, UX designers must keep in mind the brand’s DNA and how it will be communicated in the design and execution.

Secondly, a new company website or a redesign must always be part of a corporate strategy. Content and functionality must be thought out together to develop and anchor the brand. The UX Designer team must not only be design experts but also must understand the company’s marketing objectives.

To sum up, it’s easy to get carried away with the latest design trends, but rather than trying to have the coolest and most fashionable ideas, it’s better to create a world that is never disconnected from what the end-users want. Ease of use, organization and consistency all play a role in how someone will use your site or your application.

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