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What kind of Software do Call Center Agents use?

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Customer support plays an integral role when it comes to running a successful business. But when it’s about forming the right customer support channel, most of us end up with one obvious question in our mind; What kind of software do call center agents use? If you are also searching for the same, you have made it to the right place! We have interviewed top-notch customer management solution provider OracleCMS to learn about all the nitty-gritty. Scroll through to know about the software that call-center agents use.

What are the types of software that Call center agents use?

Before choosing the best call center software, you need to decide the type of call center you want to build. Call centers can be inbound, outbound, or a mixed one. Depending upon the type, you require different software to run a call center. Though, a typical call center software supports both inbound and outbound processes.

We can segregate the call center software into two types. One is on-site software, and the other type is a cloud-based software.

On-site Call Center Software

On-site call center software needs to be deployed on your own data center. Your in-house employees are supposed to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the on-site software. On-site call center setup requires a larger amount of upfront investment.

Cloud-based Call Center Software

On the other hand, cloud-based software is hosted in the cloud. Hence, a third-party software hosting company is responsible for the maintenance of the software. All you need is register and login through a web browser to use web-based call center software.

No matter if you have a team of 10 people or 100, having the call center software with the right features is necessary to build a customer centric business. Here in this part, we have mentioned the crucial features that you need to look after while choosing the call center software for your business.

Features of Call Center Software

The best call center software is supposed to serve the specific needs of your team. When it comes to choosing the best, you need to draw up a specific list of features that you think will be right for your organization. Below we have listed a few must-have features that you should look after.


While you are looking to build a call center, you might want to support your customers via other means of communication like email, live chat, and social media. An omnichannel call center software can well integrate with other communication channels. Developing a unified customer service experience that works effectively and reduces friction will be much easier for you. An omnichannel call center software will let your agents log the incoming calls on your help desk and follow up via email. Plus, the feature will allow everyone in your team to check the context of the customer interactions no matter through which channel the interaction has happened previously.

CRM Integration for Customer Context

As various studies suggest, customers believe that they need to go through six interactions on average in order to resolve a problem. Therefore, it is quite evident that every time talking to a customer support agent and repeating the same has been annoying for customers.

But if your agents have access to the context of previous interactions, they help your customers much effectively. Call center software that ensures CRM integration will offer your agents enough context. Hence, depending on the contexts, they can provide effective resolutions to your customers.

Cloud-Based Calling

If you opt for cloud-based call center software, you need to have software that offers cloud-based calling systems. A cloud-based calling system allows you to align the call center operations with the online database. Voice over Internet Protocol processes through the internet, and generally, third-party providers offer the service. That’s why it’s much cheaper to install cloud-based calling than a regular landline connection.

Outgoing Calls

Talking about customer-centric call center service, it’s not inbound calls only. A proactive customer support service may require your agents to make outbound calls. Moreover, your sales team may require to place calls to potential customers. Therefore, you should look for software that features an automated dialer and an easy to use call logging system.

Anyway, folks! We have already addressed your query on ‘what kind of software do call center agents use?’ Hope you have found the article knowledgeable. To know more about call center software, contact OracleCMS agents. Keep following us for more valuable information on the same.

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