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What Makes a Good Startup Company?


A startup company is the new trendy thing in business with everyone trying to find the next big company that can explode to the moon with revenue.

If you were wanting to study some of the great companies that are taking off now, I have included the best UK startups for you to keep an eye on.  Some of them are more in the early stages and some are later, but it will give you an idea and maybe will help you brainstorm ideas.

Below are some of the top characteristics of what makes an incredible startup.

Serves as a Solution

In business, you get paid more based on how big of a problem it is that you solve and how much value it brings to people.  Something that really makes an incredible startup is that it serves as a “fix” to a major pain point that customers in the market have.

If you have a solution that makes sense to the potential client, then it is a no-brainer to them to buy your product or service.  That is a pretty self-explanatory instance where you know that you are going to stay in business!

Great Team

Mostly all of us have strengths and weaknesses that we are aware of in the business world.  Some people are stubborn and think that they know it all, but that will not get you far in the business world.

You have to set up a team that has strengths where your weaknesses are vice versa the other way around.  If you can identify what you are good at and leave the rest to your team, then you are already way ahead of the game.  Often the biggest thing that goes wrong is that people think they know everything, and they do not.

A jack of all trades ends up being a master of none, remember that.

Know Your Market

A good startup company knows exactly who they are going to serve and market to.  To really penetrate a market with a new product, idea, or service, you need to go all-in on your target market.

A sprinkle of focus here and there is going to mean that you get nowhere and will not have a startup for very long in my opinion.  Go all-in in your marketing and efforts to your target demographic, and once you have success then you can branch out to other segments in the market to appeal to.

A great startup company is pretty tough to build, but it is certainly achievable if you use tips like building a great team and solving a problem for your target customers and what they would pay money for!

Use some of these tips and other great information online as far as funding, marketing, management, and all other aspects of the business and industry you are in.  Remember that success is probably going to take longer than you are imagining because starting a new company is tough.  But it is super rewarding if you are focused and can make your breakthrough into the market and reap the rewards!

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