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What Should you Know about Spy Apps?

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone using the iPhone Spy App

Spying applications and software let you access another person’s phone without physical access. Phone spy apps also give you all sorts of information from your target’s smartphone, such as their messages, calls, location, and browser history. Whether you want to confirm if your partner is spying on you, track your children’s whereabouts, or make sure your employees are working during office hours, spy apps open a ton of possibilities for you without letting your targets know. Check out this article below by Suspekt – your trusted spy app reviewer.

What Are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are mobile phone software specifically designed to give you access to someone else’s smartphone to check their messages, calls, and other smartphone activities. With the app’s help, you can quickly get into their smartphone without their password. There are multiple spy apps available online that offer almost unlimited access to another device, making them a perfect choice to clear any doubts about your partner cheating or where your kids are.

How do Spy Apps Work?

Different spy apps offer various features with varying designs of the interface. Though the primary function of a spy app is to initially track messages secretly, many have extended their functionality to include location tracking, phone call spying, and even checking all the media files saved in the device.

The software is generally relatively easy to use and offers spying capabilities without alerting the target. The app does this by running in the device’s background without any notification or app icon present. The primary process starts with the initial installation. You may need to have temporary physical access t the target device to input device code or key to link the device with the app for monitoring purposes.

Firstly, you need to download the application to your device and register an account. Once that’s done, you will need to download the app from the target phone and continue with the setup to gain access to almost everything on the phone.

Features Spy Apps Offer

The functionality built into many phone monitoring apps is actually quite comprehensive and may include the following:

Phone Information

Here are some of the basic stats that you’ll be able to see from the app include:

  • Software version
  • Battery life
  • Operating systems
  • Memory space available
  • Cellular service provider
  • Phone model

Website Monitoring

Some apps offer website monitoring and blocking features where you can check the websites visited from the device and web pages that are bookmarked.

Phone Calls and Call Blocking

Spy apps also give you information on all incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone, including call times, duration, details stored in the contacts, and the total number of calls.

Text Messages

The app will track and monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages from the target device for you to view anytime.


Some may even provide access to all sent and received emails from your online dashboard. This feature can still work even when the target deleted the email from their phone.

GPS Location and Geo-Fencing

Another popular feature of phone spy apps is their GPS tracking capability that will take advantage of the target device’s built-in GPS tracker system to track its location instantly. You can even set up restricted zones for the target device with geofencing capability.

Installed Apps

You can even see a whole list of installed apps on the target device through your software. From there, some apps even allow you to choose or block specific phone apps from the device.

Multimedia Files

Some phone spy apps also let you view all media files taken and stored on the target phone. The information available also includes the date and timestamp for each image and video.

Benefits of Mobile Spying Apps

Technology has a massive impact on our daily lives, and this can be observed in smartphone spy apps that allow you to track anyone’s phone and see their text messages, phone calls, location, and browser history. Here are some of the few top advantages of using spy apps:

Spy on Cheaters

One of the main reasons people install spy apps is to catch cheaters red-handed. A spy app makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your partner so you know that they’re not investing time, effort, and money with another lover.

Keeping your Children Safe

Giving your kids mobile phones is inevitable in today’s era, but the internet is a dangerous place, especially for children. This is where spy apps step in to help you monitor and control their smartphone usage so that they are safe.

Check that Your Employees Are Working

Installing spy apps into company devices can help managers and business owners to monitor their employees remotely to ensure that they’re productive during working hours.

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