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What To Consider When Buying a Domain Name


If you’re starting a brand-new company website soon, you’ve likely been researching different domain name options. Whether you want to keep it short and sweet or whether you’d prefer to have a standout name that’s truly unforgettable to consumers, there are a few important factors to consider before purchasing your domain name. Having the right domain can make your website easier to find, help you stand out from your competition, complement current branding and so on. Before you take the major step of buying your domain name, review the following considerations carefully.

Ensure Your Desired Name Isn’t Already Taken or Similar to Others

Whether you’re working with the best domain brokers to select your name or whether you’ve decided to go it alone, checking that your chosen name hasn’t already been taken or approximated is crucial. If you skip this step, you could risk confusing your customers, losing part of your potential audience, and leaving your company vulnerable to lawsuits. Before buying a domain, remember to:

  • Research your competition’s domain name(s) to avoid overstepping your bounds
  • Avoid all trademarked names and consult with a lawyer if you’re not sure whether a name has already been trademarked by another business
  • Check that your top domain name options are not already taken
  • Avoid similarity to other existing domain names to prevent consumer confusion

Find Clever Ways To Make Your Domain as Unique as Possible

In order to attract more online traffic, you’ll need to purchase a domain that really stands out. However, if you overdo it, you could risk confusing or alienating your target audience. Make sure you:

  • Avoid making your domain name too short or too long
  • Choose a name that’s not too plain and not too unusual to make it more memorable
  • Consider skipping a .com domain and instead going for a more distinctive one, such as .org, .io, .co, .net, .studio, .blog, .shop, .ai, and so on
  • Stay away from unusual characters and other potentially confusing characters, such as hyphens, numbers, and periods, when possible
  • Pick a name that uses elements of your company name when possible

Choose a Branded Name That Works Well With Your Company’s Vibe

Another important consideration is how your chosen domain could work with the rest of your company’s branding efforts. For instance, consider whether your domain options:

  • Could be integrated with your business’s social media handles
  • Could be incorporated into your business’s current advertising campaigns
  • Complements other elements of the company branding, such as your tagline, motto, and mission statement
  • Could be registered alongside several other similar domain names in order to keep other companies from encroaching on your company’s branding

Select a Purchase Term That Works for Your Company’s Current Budget and Projected Future

When you purchase a domain name, you’ll need to select a term within which you’ll have exclusive use of the domain. Although you can always renew a shorter term, you may want to pick a longer term if it’s right for your business. Top options include purchasing:

  • One year if your business budgetis tight
  • Five years if you have some room in your budget
  • Ten or more years if you have ample space in the budget and are confident about the future success of your company

Before you click “purchase” on your chosen domain name for the new company website, make sure you’ve considered every relevant variable. Having an appropriate domain name could make a major difference for your website traffic, your company’s branding and public image, your audience reach, and even your bottom line, so it’s important to choose wisely. Fortunately, this list of considerations can help you come to an informed choice.

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