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Why Chromebooks are great laptops. And No, not because all you need is a Browser

by Felix Omondi

Chromebooks first major debut onto the mainstream laptop scene was back in Dec-2010 with the CR-48. Back then people were quick to dismiss them as just a browser bundled inside a big screen and fitted with keyboards. Well, they were right!

During its initial years, Chromebook was basically the Chrome browser fitted with a screen and a keyboard. You also needed the internet (read good internet) connection for stress-free use of the laptop. However, things have changed significantly ever since, and it would be absurd to dismiss the Chromebooks as just a browser with a screen and keyboard.

Whether you’re using Windows or macOS, Chrome is still your main OS

If you are reading this article from a desktop, there is a 60% chance you are reading it from a Chrome browser. Stats show that the browser commands over 60% of desktop and mobile browsing around the world.

Now, consider since most things these days run on the cloud (online), which means you are frequently using the Chrome browser for most of your internet surfing. Then you need to remember that most desktop application business model is changing from creating a single-purchase software to SaaS subscription plan.

We see that with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Adobe products including Photoshop among many others. It would be safe to say that the future business models for most software vendors is a SaaS-model based on subscription and everything taking place on the web in the clouds. That said, Chromebook – with their strong focus on web-based activities – is positioned for the future.

Chromebooks have increasingly supported offline use

Chrome OS previously worked mostly online, but these days, Google has developed so many apps that work flawlessly offline. You can do most of your office work duties offline using applications like applications like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Microsoft too has ported its apps onto the platform, to support Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Ok given, Microsoft might have first ported its Office apps onto the Android platform, but Google has innovated Chrome OS to now support Android apps. Speaking of Android apps, they have literally changed the game.

Most people who use Windows or macOS use Android phones and have come accustomed to the Google Play apps. When they’re sited down to work, they tend to keep their phone next to their computer and will from time to time move their attention to their phone, so they can keep up with friends and family, especially on social networking and messaging apps.

With recent changes in Chrome OS, such users will Chromebooks as a ‘buffet for all their needs,’ get some work done, while at the same time keeping in touch. There is also the obvious fact that Google Play Store has more apps than any other app store. That includes mobile games, and there is no denying, we all appreciate playing our favorite mobile games on bigger screens. The fact Android mobile games runs so well on the big-screened Chromebooks make the device even more appealing.

Pro Tips: Try these Android mobile games like the Asphalt 8 and the Unkilled on a Chromebook, if you haven’t already.

Chrome OS has become the true 2-in-1 device

No, that’s not entirely right! Chromebooks may be perfect 2-in-1 devices, in that they can be a laptop that transforms into a tablet. Then again, they run most of the apps that are on your Android smartphone; so technically it’s a 3-in-1 device. Consider Chromebooks like the ASUS Flip C101 and the Pixelbook.Chromebooks

Chromebooks are affordable, lightweight thus highly mobile, yet still powerful

Compared to Windows or macOS, Chromebooks are way more affordable. They are also lightweight, and you can easily move with them in your bag without feeling it weighing you down. There is also the other great advantage, the Chrome OS is also lightweight, which means it boots up lightning fast as it doesn’t demand much from the hardware’s resources.Chromebooks

With the Chrome OS being light, it also means it also goes easy on the battery. That is the reason why an entry-level Chromebook outlast your typical Windows laptop. For about $500 you can get the ASUS Flip C302 gives you about eight hours battery life on single charge. To get such a battery life on a Windows laptop, you will have to spend a fortune. Now, let’s look at Macs, before we go any further, we all know they are in a whole new price range, even the ones in the entry-level range.

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