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Why it is Important to do Market Research with a Software


Companies that want to grow their business need to have as much information as possible about their customers. Why do customers choose a certain brand? Are they happy with the customer service? What products or services would they like to purchase in the future? The more a company is able to get answers to questions of this type, the more it will be able to have a precise marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if the business is online or offline, if you use a survey provider for market researches it is possible to have honest answers from customers, especially if you create a fun and not too long questionnaire.

Based on the age of the target audience, you can formulate questions that are relevant and useful for your business. But first, it is important to visualize the goal, otherwise you cannot get really useful answers. Each business is within a reference market that can be more or less competitive. Studying its strengths and weaknesses is the first step to make a difference.

What is Market Research

Market research is carried out by creating surveys that are used to collect data and information useful for the company to increase the business, make changes, solve problems and much more. Based on the objective, it is possible to carry out market analyses suited to your target audience. After being collected, data are interpreted and analyzed through a market research software. Through a questionnaire it is possible to receive a lot of important information because people tend to answer honestly and spontaneously. Market research softwares are becoming more and more important because today’s market is very competitive. The more time passes, the more fundamental it becomes for a company to understand the needs of its customers, in order to be able to satisfy them in the best possible way. With market analysis you can also know the trends and use them to develop targeted strategies in line with the fashion of the moment.

All the benefits of online surveys

The data for a market analysis can be obtained from primary research or secondary research. The first collects data directly from sources (leads, customers, prospects) using online questionnaires, interviews, etc. The second instead foresees using data already available, after having previously carried out additional research. They can be found on commercial or public databases, social media, search engines, blogs, websites.

There are those who want to obtain generic data and those who focus more on specific information. There is no better solution than another, the choice is all about the type of business, which and how many customers you want to reach. Online surveys are very useful because they can reach many users all over the world and you don’t have to invest in particular resources. What you need is good market research software that allows you to create surveys, receive information, analyze data and export it. In this way, secondary steps are avoided and there is no need for a dedicated research team.

Thanks to an online survey it is possible to check the demand for new products or services, to know the preferences of consumers, to determine if an activity can be successful or if it would be best to let it go. Based on the answers of the interviewees, it is possible to determine the type of product that needs to be developed or if it needs to be modified, examine the market segments as well as identify and evaluate new business opportunities. Companies offer products and services for the purpose of selling, so it is essential to know if consumers are satisfied or would like to buy something different. You can get new customers, make your current ones happier, and get to know your audience better.

How to organize a market research

The most important thing in market research is to come up with the right questions. It may sound simple, but it isn’t. To create a questionnaire, several things must be taken into consideration, such as what improvements could be implemented to make the business more interesting, or what perception customers have of a particular brand and what differences they see with competitors.

To conduct market research, it is therefore necessary to identify and define the problem, design the analysis, process the questions, collect data and information, analyze this data and create graphs to show them to other people. Online surveys can also be sponsored via social media, as they are used by a very large audience. Based on the target audience, you can choose the most suitable social network and obtain data quickly and without too much effort.

There is a difference between quantitative research and qualitative research. In the first case, the aim is to collect numerical data and measurable values, while the aim of qualitative research is to go deep into the understanding of consumers’ motivations and emotions. Both are very valid and can also be used at the same time, it always depends on the results you want to obtain.

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