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Why SwifDoo PDF is the Ultimate PDF Editor, PDF Merge, PDF Compress, e-Sign PDF?

by Felix Omondi

Are you having trouble editing PDF files? This article will introduce you to a nifty tool – SwifDoo PDF – that not only enables you to edit PDF files but also create PDF, convert PDF, compress PDF, and e-sign PDF, among others.

Once upon a time, for a user on a computer far far less powerful, it was quite a headache to create a document and share it with your peers. That is if your peers were on devices different from yours, different operating systems or different devices altogether.

That headache was the push-and-shove that led to the invention of the Portable Document Formats (PDF). One document format to rule them all. It then mattered little what device or operating system your peers were on. You only needed to worry about crafting a document right, not whether or not the receiver will be able to read them.

Nonetheless, these days computers are much more powerful. Different operating systems and devices can read-and-write documents from each other. However, that doesn’t mean PDF all of a sudden became redundant.

Strengths of PDF that stood the Test of Time

Nowadays, one might not need a PDF document for readability across devices and OS. The evolution of technology has rendered that part irrelevant. However, there are some qualities of PDF files that are still important in the current time:

  • Compactness – You can integrate multiple contents into a PDF file; texts, pictures, vector graphics, audio files, animations, hyperlinks, 3D models. Theoretically, it can hold an unlimited amount of data in its various formats, but still, you can compress the entire file into a size you can easily share.
  • Security – After creating a PDF document, you have various security options, including watermarks, passwords, and digital signatures. This quality makes PDF documents a good thing and a tricky thing. Once created, editing it could be an impossible task unless you’re using the SwifDoo PDF tool mentioned below.
  • Graphic Integrity – As earlier mentioned, PDF files will display a document in the exact same layout regardless of the operating system, software application, or the device it is being read on.

SwifDoo PDF Editor

By default, PDF files are not easily editable compared to files created on other Office Apps like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It used to be that words created in a PDF file were words cast in stone, completely uneditable.

Well, with the evolution of technology. So many apps have come up with the ability to edit PDF files and do so much more. The innov8tiv radar picked up one such app, the SwifDoo PDF Editor, and below are reasons you should consider it for all your PDF editing, compression, merging, conversion, and so much more.

From our interaction with the application, the SwifDoo PDF tool promises the functionalities below and does exactly just that.

  • Edit – You can just as easily edit a PDF document with the SwifDoo tool as you would any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, or Google Doc document.
  • Convert – You can turn a PDF document into an MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document and vice versa.
  • Compress – As mentioned above, PDF multi-dimensional documents. You can insert not just texts and images but also audio files, 3D models, vector graphics, and videos, among others. Such a file will undoubtedly be bloated, and sharing it over a slow and metered internet connection will be painstakingly slow, if not impossible. SwifDoo PDF enables you to compress PDF files much further.
  • Merge – You can find yourself where you need to combine two or more PDF files into one file. This tool makes the process a breeze.
  • E-Sign Documents – We live in a digital electronic world, where most things happen online and digitally. However, signing documents is still an integral and critical part of daily business deals or other transactions. Since the documents are digital, the signing must also be made digitally; e-signing. The SwifDoo tool enables you to sign a PDF document quickly.

System Requirement

We all frown at installing the bloatware application in our system, making things freeze or run slow. You will be glad to know the SwifDoo PDF tool is quite minimalist on resources yet packs quite a heavy punch when it comes to getting the job done.

SwifDoo PDF only takes up 10 MB of space on your disk space compared to other popular PDF editors. That means, on a decently-fast-enough internet connection, downloading the application from the internet happens in a blink of an eye.

Opening PDF files and other Office documents on SwifDoo is also relatively quick. If you are accustomed to using the Microsoft Office suite, you will quickly feel at home using SwifDoo. The app has an interface that closely mirrors that of MS Office.

If you are handling sensitive and confidential documents, you will be pleased to know SwifDoo gives you two-layered password protection. You can also share your document with differentiated permissions to the recipient.

Wrapping up

SwifDoo PDF runs on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP (64- and 32-bit versions). It requires pretty minimalist software, any PC with a chip above 1GHz, 1GB RAM, and 150MB disk space and efficiently run this app.

Head over to the official website to try out the PDF editor, PDF compressor, PDF merger, and PDF e-sign.

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