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Why Valorant Skins are so Expensive


We were all shocked when the prices of the skins from Valorant comes out. Shocked by its cool and awesome designs, and the price… The price is what shakes the Valorant community so much that Riot finally responds to the players’ concerns regarding the pricing of the skins.

Riot Games gave more insight on Valorant’s skins, addressing concerns from the community about high price points for the cosmetics that have been rolling out thus far.

The Prism collection is the latest bundle for Riot’s new tactical shooter, which has a steep price of well over $50 that had some players “furious” at the cost. Although it’s a sleek bundle, some fans didn’t think that the “reskinned default knife and guns” were worth it.

In explaining the company’s decision-making, Revenue Lead for Valorant, Joe Lee, said the Prism collection was made for a specific aesthetic in mind, and the price reflected that. Throughout Valorant’s life, there will be skins that explore different styles or themes.

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It is also undeniable that there are some reliable hacks out there such as Battlelog for example to secure players’ chances of getting a victory in the game. Some of those future collections will resonate more with the broader community, but the latest collection wasn’t geared toward everyone.

“Prism was designed for people who love clean, minimal gun aesthetics, and want to buy into a premium skin line that shows that off,” Lee explained.

Valorant players have been voicing their discontent after seeing the price for the new EGO skin bundle. The bundle seems to offer very little to the player, despite coming for 7100 VP.

For comparison, 7100 VP is not a small amount of money.

In Valorant, players can purchase its in-game currency (Valorant Points) at a rate of 1000 for $9.99. As typical, the more you buy at once, however, the better a deal you get.

For $19:99 you get 2050, at $49.99 players can buy 5350, and at $99.99 you get 11000. To buy this bundle, at its cheapest price, you’d have to spend $69.98, which would leave you with 300 Valorant Points left over.

From a player’s perspective, it seems like Riot may be trying to normalize higher prices with less offered.

At the same time, there isn’t any law that says Riot has to charge a specific price for specific Valorant content. If Riot decides that they want to charge more for the same or less content, that is a business decision they are free to make. Likewise, the Valorant player base may decide to avoid making future purchases.

It’s important to remember that skins in Valorant don’t offer any actual edge or advantage, and digital products and currency are quite literally valueless. It will be up to each person to decide how much they value the skins in Valorant against their own money.

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