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Why you Should Care About African Women in Technology (AWIT)

by Roveen
African Women in Technology

Hey you (yes you!), have you heard of African Women in Technology (AWIT)? If not, then worry not, because I am here to let you know just what you have been missing out and why you shouldn’t miss anymore.

Women are making their mark in technology and it is a sight to behold. Technology is an industry that has long been considered a male field, with women being nothing than flower girls in the field. However, in recent past, brilliant women have been taking over the space and opening up channels for other women to get into the field.

One way that we aim to encourage women to join tech is through the African Women in Technology (AWIT) program. AWIT is a platform that seeks to create opportunities for women who have an interest in tech or are already doing something in the industry.

From highlighting stories of women in tech, to covering the latest tech news, to entrepreneurial and general pieces, AWIT is here to help women make their mark in a field that is, year upon year, becoming a lot more important to our way of living.

But wait – there’s more!

Aside from the website covering such stories, AWIT also provides networking, mentorship, internship and more importantly, funding for women doing great things in tech across Africa.

The AWIT community holds frequent events in which women get to meet industry experts face to face. These meetings help women network for better opportunities but also helps then learn of ways for growing in the industry.

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Get inspired by AWIT and you will never regret it!

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