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Why you should Think of Hitting Local with your SEO


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If you’ve been doing any research into online marketing, then you’ve probably already gotten somewhat familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization, already. The art of optimizing your website so that search engines like Google can better index and promote it is a key way to increase your brand exposure on the net. However, not all SEO strategies are the same. For any businesses that utilize their physical location, whether it’s by having a storefront or simply by providing services within a set area, local SEO could be the strategy that best suits you.

So, how does it work and what benefits could it provide? Here, we’re going to look at the strengths and aspects of local SEO that you should keep in mind the next time you’re looking at a search engine marketing strategy.

About local SEO

The first thing to get out of the way is to describe what local SEO is. It’s not too complicated if you already know about SEO. General SEO typically puts a focus on making your website more visible, often in response to specific search queries that your target audience is likely to sue. Local SEO just makes use of your location on top of that. Google and other search engines use the searcher’s location when finding the most relevant results for their queries. By mentioning your location in your content, creating a local business profile on Google, and a few other steps, you can tap into that location specificity.

A cost-effective way to get marketing online

Budget is always going to be a concern when it comes to marketing your business. Some methods, such as direct advertising, can be very expensive, after all. In comparison, local SEO can help you keep the costs down. Working with professionals to help you get set up can be a big benefit but, once you do that, it’s not impossible to keep maintaining those efforts yourself if you have the time. Working with an SEO professional is almost always going to be better for your budget than working with an advertiser.

Get more traffic from the people that matter the most

SEO is all about targeting the people who are most likely to become your customers. In general SEO, this happens by ensuring that you’re targeting keywords that are most likely to be used by potential customers and clients looking for your business. Alongside a strong keyword strategy, local SEO narrows it down to make sure that it’s using location data, which means that the most relevant people are going to get drawn to your website. You can use some clever tactics like content marketing to draw in people who are looking to have semi-relevant questions answered, too, after which you can work at building their recognition of the brand for when they need it.

Build visibility back home

One of the most important things for your business, long-term, is brand recognition. Of course, that starts with making your brand more visible, too. Now that Google has become the first step into the virtual marketplace for so many consumers, SEO is becoming more and more important. Getting your website ranked high in relevant search queries is much like getting a billboard or a shop entrance in one of the most highly trafficked parts of the city. It’s worth the effort for the visibility that it offers.

Establish yourself as part of the local community

The local part of local SEO can help you build the connections and relationships that can help you foster some community spirit as well. If you’re able to establish yourself as part of the local community, it can lead to the growth of a kind of loyalty that can see you getting the support that you need for years to come. What’s more, other local businesses might be more inclined to reach out to you for opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration, as well, leading to even more advantageous marketing.

Increased and repeat sales

The visibility, the increase in traffic, and building links with your local community are all very likely to help play a role in increasing your sales. Bringing people into your conversion funnel is the first step of winning over those sales and, what’s more, you’re more likely to get repeat sales because local SEO makes it easier for those repeat customers to keep finding you any time they need your services.

Hopefully, the above points show that local SEO can be a highly effective strategy in many cases, perhaps including yours.

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