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Windows 10 Has Hit 50 Million Users Under 3 Weeks And Counting

by Felix Omondi
Windows 10 Has Hit 50 Million Users Under 3 Weeks And Counting

Redmond’s tech giant seems to have scored it big with its latest operating system, Windows 10. In a little over two weeks since Microsoft launched its latest OS, there are now 50 million people worldwide who have installed the ‘premium’ Windows 10.

This adoption rate is unprecedented at Microsoft, which has in the past have to deal with mocking and jabbing from its competitors after launching such a high-valued product on the market. Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29 in 190 countries. It made the OS a free upgrade to users running original copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft reported that there were 14 million downloads of the OS just one day after the release.

Currently, Microsoft fans website WinBeta says that the number of users running Windows 10 on the system has hit the 50 million mark. To appreciate just how well Windows 10 is doing for Microsoft in terms of adoption rate, looks at the stats on its previous Windows versions.

Windows 7, the most popular Microsoft OS was released in 2009 and is now running on about 600 million devices. Windows 8, the company’s least appreciated OS was released in 2012 and only managed to have 200 million users. You may want to know that these number do not necessarily represent the number of active users.

Although Microsoft seems to be doing quite well with Windows 10 with high adoption rate. The OS has raised a lot of eyebrows with its default setting that infringes on a lot of security concerns. Other users are complaining of their PCs being stuck in a perpetual reboot after they have installed the OS.

Microsoft has addressed some of this bugs with cumulative updates; weighing in at 180MB for the 32-bit and 360MB for the 64-bit versions. If you are experiencing problems with your copy of Windows 10, then it could mean your system has not automatically downloaded these updates. You could download them by yourself by going to the Windows Update or go to Microsoft’s website.

It is said that Microsoft is also working another major update codenamed, “Threshold 2” said will come with a new Messaging app and support Microsoft Edge browser extension. This update is expected sometime in October.

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