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YouTube mobile streaming now available to all; no more need for subscriptions

by Felix Omondi
youtube go live

YouTube mobile streaming has been available for a while now; it is not something new per say. However, chances are you probably don’t hear it often as say, Facebook Live, or any other live streaming service such as on Twitter or Instagram.

That is because YouTube streaming was initially a reserve for channels that has at least 10k subscribers. Google then saw that plan is not going to get their streaming service popular in the in a market where there were no such restrictions.

From a requirement of 10k subscribers, Google dropped the requirement to just 1k subscribers. Still, that wasn’t enough to make it popular and compete with other services. So Google dropped the subscribers requirement down to zero. Meaning everyone can Go Live on YouTube without any subscribers. You only need a verified channel and have no live stream restrictions within the past 90 days.

Benefits of YouTube Go Live services

Well, alongside other live streaming services by Facebook and Twitter, Google’s YouTube Go Live service just made things a whole lot cheaper for content producers. Especially the ones who currently rely on expensive cable networks for distributions. They may just find going independent and broadcasting their content to viewers over the internet much cheaper for them and their viewers. The future of live content and digital distribution seems promising.

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