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Zikoko The New Afrocentric Buzzfeed-Like Website Entertaining Africans

by Milicent Atieno
Zikoko The New Afrocentric Buzzfeed-Like Website Entertaining Africans

Life can be very stressful at times, torn between work, school, marriage and even kids among others. Well, that is part of life, but it should not always be that way. For  millennials however, there’s always a great deal of distraction from all that is going wrong in our lives in the form of the Internet. It has never been more closer and accessible in human history than now. Thanks in part to gadgets in our pockets such as smartphones and tablets.

There is no denying that you can find a great source of entertainment and news over the Internet to take your mind off things. As an African millennial, the majority of what we find online do little in terms of relating to our typical African background; they are more Western than they are African.

To add to the short list of few great sources of entertainment and news for the African millennials over the Internet is the recently launched Zikoko website. The site launched in July 2015 and within the first month it had recorded about 100,000 page views and viewership has been steadily climbing.

Although Zikoko majorly features content for the Nigerian market scene, all Africans on the continent and in the diaspora can find content that relate to them. Zikoko has quizzes, listicles and short-form articles that bound to entertain, educate, empower or at the very least distract you enough for you to calm down on whatever you are stressing on. It has been described as a “happy place” for people looking for a getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of their lives.Zikoko The New Afrocentric Buzzfeed-Like Website Entertaining Africans

Zikoko prides itself on being a portal where its readers can escape to a world filled with light-hearted content covering a variety of topics. So the next time you find yourself stuck in the nightmarish Lagos traffic or any other big African cities for that matter, instead of stressing, cursing, frowning and bickering with other road users. Just take out your smartphone or tablet and escape into the blissful entertainment that is Zikoko.

The site’s tagline is ‘It’s never that serious,” and that is exactly what Zikoko intends you feel when you are stressing over things that could be going wrong in your life. The site is loved by Africans in Nigeria, on the continent and the diaspora. But don’t take our word for it, head on to Zikoko website and explore for yourself.

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