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10 Simple Ways to Improve Work Performance


Do you ever look down at the clock and realize time is flying by—but what you accomplished so far today? When it comes to the workplace, we are extremely busy and pulled in various directions by meetings, phone calls, and even social media.

How can you get anything done during the day when it’s so hard to find the time? If you’re wondering the best ways to improve work performance, you’re not alone—it’s something many workers and managers struggle with.

With the right tips and tricks, you can improve your efficiency and impress your colleagues with how much you can do. If you need some help when it comes to productivity, keep reading for ten top ways to work more effectively.

1. Blocking Out Distractions Is One of the Best Ways to Improve Work Performance

If you need to improve productivity, you need to block out distractions. Coworkers coming by your desk for a chat, unwanted phone calls, a constant barrage of incoming emails—it never seems to end.

When trying to focus and work on something complex, you need to block out distractions. If you have an office, you may want to shut the door and ask not to be interrupted or try to book out a meeting space to work in where you’ll be left alone.

Emails are a huge time commitment for many workers, so you may want to close out your email for an hour or two while trying to focus. Each time a new email notification pops up, it can be tempting to click on it right away and read it—resist temptation or shut down your email.

Our smartphones can also pop a stop to our efficiency, so try to switch it to silent or keep it out of sight so you aren’t tempted to check social media or browse your apps.

2. Take Breaks

It may seem counterproductive, but one of the best ways to get more done each day is by taking breaks. Set outside for fresh air, get up to walk around or stretch at least once per hour, and take the time each day at lunch to eat a nutritious meal or hit the gym for a quick exercise session.

Research has shown that employees who take regular breaks have increased productivity, better mental health, and are more likely to have creative ideas when it comes to work.

Breaks help us get work accomplished since they give us a time out to refresh, relax, think, and step away from our computers. This can also help reduce eye strain and RSI, two common health issues that commonly impact desk workers.

Besides taking breaks, it is also important to boost your brain power and always stay focused. Supplements known as nootropics can help you with it, which are know as cognitive enhancers. You can find them on the Chemical Planet website, which guarantees high purity.

3. Plan Your Day, Start to Finish

If you’re wondering how to increase efficiency, one of the simplest ways is to be more organized. Workers who accomplish the most during the day or those who plan out their schedules, from the first task of the day until it’s time to go home.

This may seem like overkill, but if you block out and plan each hour of the day, you’ll know exactly where you need to be and what you should be working on. Keep yourself accountable to your own schedule and you’ll be sure to power through your tasks.

4. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, you can get more done by focusing on one task at a time.

When we try to multitask, we end up not paying our full attention to each task, which leaves the work getting done to a subpar standard.

Our brain does best when we focus on one project at a time, so once you complete one project, only then should you move on to the next one.

5. Complete Difficult Tasks First

When it comes to challenging or complex tasks, many of us tend to procrastinate and put them off for as long as possible. However, when we leave tasks until right before the deadline, you’re left rushing to get it done before the deadline—which can damage the quality of your work.

Instead, an easy way to ensure you’re not procrastinating is to get the hardest task of the day finished first thing. That will take a big weight off your shoulders and will make the rest of the working day a breeze.

6. Ask for Feedback

Is there any way you can increase your productivity at work? Definitely—a simple way to change your work habits for the better is to ask for feedback.

Consider casually asking colleagues or your management team if they have any tips about your work performance. Often, we can’t notice things in ourselves that other people pick up on, so asking for feedback can be a good way to learn more about how you work.

Although it can be intimidating to ask someone else for feedback on your performance, it can be an eye-opening way to improve how you use your time each day.

Often, even small things like how you schedule meetings or perform certain tasks can be done in a more efficient way, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7. Use Technology to Your Advantage

As workers, we have so many tools at our disposal when it comes to productivity, so use technology to your advantage.

There’s a wealth of apps, both free and low-cost, that can help you manage your time. Depending on your needs, you can find apps to improve team communications, take notes, or temporarily block time-wasting websites, like social media, from your phone.

For example, if you struggle with focus due to the allure of your phone, download an app called Forest. You set a timer and a tree starts growing on your screen— however, if you touch your phone, the tree dies.

It’s a simple, but effective, way to motivate yourself not to touch your phone as frequently.

8. Make Sure Your Office Ergonomically Correct

When you’re sitting at your desk all day, each day, you need to look after yourself. Workers can use ergonomics to ensure their desk, monitor, and chair are at the right height to look after your posture and back health.

If you’re not comfortable at your desk, aches and pains, a stiff back, or headaches from screen time will wreak havoc on your productivity.

Use tools such as a back cushion gel infused pillow for your chair, a gel pad for your keyboard, and be sure to have adequate desk lighting to protect your eyes.

9. Use Your Commute to Get a Head Start

If you commute to work via a train or a bus, you may spend your commute playing games on your phone or catching up on the news. However, why not put your commute to good use and spend some of your time planning your day?

You could use part of your commute to file or sort through your email inbox, listen to voicemails, or plan out your day with your diary. That way, when you walk into the office, you’ll be mentally prepared for all the tasks you need to take on.

For your commute home though, be sure to relax and destress after a big day with a book or some tunes. Keeping a work-life balance is important, so be sure not to use too much of your personal time reading emails or thinking about work.

10. Set Milestones

When it comes to planning in the workplace, you need to think both short and long-term. Productive workers understand the importance of long-term goal setting and milestones.

Looking ahead to one month or six months from now, what do you want to accomplish? Once you know your goals, work backward to work out what you need to finish and when to be sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

Many workers find project management software useful for this, especially for complex projects that involve teams.

Achieving your goals can be a huge achievement and a great feeling. You may surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish in just a few weeks or months, which may motivate you to change your working habits.

Increase Work Productivity with These Top Tips

With so many easy ways to improve work performance, you can get more done during your 9-5. If you find yourself frustrated with your productivity each day, why not try out some of the tips above and see how they can help you?

Although it can take some time to drop old habits and start new ones, it’s worth the effort to make changes. Before you know it, you and your team can start smashing deadlines, feel more energized, and get more done in less time.

Get started today and start seeing the advantages that productivity can bring! You may end up with a promotion, a raise, new clients, or an increased portfolio, so don’t delay.

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