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The 11 Successful Startups that will pitch at the Seedstars World South Africa pre-Selection Event

by Felix Omondi
The 11 Successful Startups that will pitch at the Seedstars World South Africa pre-Selection Event

The international early-stage startup competition, Seedstars World has just made public the names of the 11 lucky startups nominated to pitch at the upcoming Seedstars World pre-selection event. The event will take place in Soweto, South Africa on June 14.

Out of this batch of 11 startups, three will be nominated to proceed to the national final leg of the competition, which will be held in Johannesburg. The Soweto leg comes just days after another pre-selection event took place in Cape Town and Durban; from which another batch of 11 startups was selected.

The Soweto tour will be held at the eKasi Labs, and admission will be free, but you must first RSVP at this link to attend the event. The top three best startups that will emerge from the Soweto tour will go up against another batch of top three startups selected from Cape Town and Durban. The overall winner will be chosen when the respective startups from Cape Town, Durban, and Soweto are pitted against each other, and the best of them is identified.

The overall winner will be crowned the Seedstars World South Africa 2016 champion. This competition is supported by the Standard Bank, which will provide the overall winner with further support beyond the competition’s lifespan.

The following are the 11 startups that will be pitching at the Soweto tour of the Seedstars World competition on June 14:

Ø  DroneSnap: an online marketplace where people can order for high-quality aerial imaging services done by professional drone operators.

Ø  Riovic: a startup seeking to provide a digital and P2P insurance that is backed by crowdfunded reinsurance.

Ø  BOTTLES: you know how people are sick to their stomach with food delivery apps? Well, this one wants to deliver alcohol right to your doorsteps, and they say they can do so under 60 minutes.

Ø  Zula Afrika: a new tech-based public transport system giving user convenience and flexibility.

Ø  Sortd A communication-centric organizer that transforms email and instant messaging into a set of organized to-do lists.

Ø  Masokko An Africa-centric B2B e-marketplace driven to help small and medium enterprises in agriculture, food and beverages to sell their goods to export markets.

Ø  Black Industrialists (Pty) Ltd  An application that channels ED funds to smallholder farmers through monitoring, evaluation and reporting before access to markets.

Ø  Pinard Aéronautique This startup created a Pinard’s P3210 helicopter, an affordable, FAA-compliant solution that folds away when not in use.

Ø  GEM Payment Services GEM offers a mobile payment platform to reward social action.

Ø  UmoyAir Communications: UmoyAir provides free calls from cell phones to any number without airtime or data.

Ø  GoldPay: GoldPay is a financially inclusive asset-backed investment, savings and money sharing platform created on a blockchain technology.

Regional Manager for Seedstars World Africa, Marcello Schemer, said, “Durban and Soweto are our newest additions in our Seedstars tour in South Africa. I’m looking forward to witnessing the incredible talent that we will find in these new locations and showcasing it at our South Africa final and hopefully on the global stage.”

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