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3 Application of Blockchain Technology


Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

Blockchain technology has attracted more attention during the last couple of years than with its initial launch in 2009. However, it was due to Bitcoin’s recent bull cycle that generated attention towards the crypto community as a whole and, by default, the advantages of integrating blockchain technology in other sectors. If you’re wondering how blockchain-based solutions can be integrated into other sectors, in this article, we will take a closer look at blockchain technology and real-world applications.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have become a staple in the gambling sector. They actually have managed to achieve great success in just a decade thanks to different technological innovations, which include machine learning technology, the internet, and mobile technology.

Today, anyone can easily find in just a couple of seconds a secure online casino and start playing their favorite casino gives immediately. There is one aspect of online casinos that is important to every casino player, and that are online payments.

Since casino players are making deposits and withdrawals with their own money, they need to play on casino sites that offer a range of safe payment options which processes their transactions quickly. Also, due to the highly competitive marketplace, casino sites that offer faster payouts are at an advantage over the rest. If you want to focus on online casinos that offer fast withdrawals, you can read more about reliable fast pay-outs casinos here.

One of the reasons why they were faster payouts on online casinos is the integration of crypto payments. Cryptocurrencies, as we know, are based on blockchain technology, and thanks to the decentralized design of blockchain technology, each transaction is securely recorded and instantly processed with minimal fees actually; this is one of the main advantages of using cryptocurrencies on casino sites.

Real Estate

Most real estate transactions require a lot of paperwork and financial information in order to validate personal as well as financial details and also to verify the ownership of the property. But, with blockchain technology, transactions can be recorded safely and instantly on a digital distributed ledger.

This means that the verification process will be simplified, and it will be much easier to verify any important details when it comes to transactions. So, due to the digital nature of blockchain technology, the transactions will be processed instantly without any additional fees, and also, this is a solution that could connect sellers and buyers directly.


Blockchain technology can be used in the public sector as well, specifically for voting. With blockchain technology, the identity of the voters can be verified, and this will minimize any errors, and it also ensures no one votes twice. It can also make voting more accessible and convenient since you can use a mobile application on your mobile device in order to vote.

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