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3 Ways Technology Helps Families To Stay Connected


When our loved ones leave the cozy nest of a home, it’s always difficult for both parties (those who leave it and those who stay). To ease the parting, people have come up with technologies and social networks that help families stay connected no matter if they are even in the same country. Here are some examples of how does technology help us stay connected regardless of distance.

1. Social networks

Nowadays, apps like Instagram or Facebook are an integral part of our lives. People share their photos, thoughts, and videos from the places they visit. Social networks are the easiest way to stay connected with family. And you don’t have to constantly talk on the phone to know what your kids or parents were doing away from home. In addition, many social networks now have a feature that helps you create a “close friends” category, which limits access to certain posts, reducing it to only your family members.

2. FaceTime, WhatsApp

Now, talking to people face-to-face is not a problem even at a distance. FaceTime and WhatsApp are always at your complete disposal. For example, when you received a task at university to come up with some family essay topics and you can’t think of anything, call home and ask for advice. And it is not necessary to spend money on a call abroad, because it is enough to just download well-known applications, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp or other with video call capability, and connect to the Internet.

3. Extra devices

Many devices, such as friendship lamps, have come up with a sense of physical presence for your loved ones. To do this, you need two lamps: one will be located with you, and the second with your family. They work over the internet and change color when someone touches a twin lamp. You can choose the color you like and when the lamp changes its hue or brightness, you will know that your loved one is thinking about you right now.

Modern technologies allow us to always stay in touch with our families and know how they live, without even speaking with them and being in different countries. We think a lot about it when we write essays on families. It’s incredibly nice to be able to stay in touch with your loved ones anytime you want.

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