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4 Reasons to Buy a Previously Used Server


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Purchasing IT equipment could be daunting if you are not very familiar with the topic, especially when it comes to finding the right server for your business. This is why third-party server hosting is on the rise, with approximately 2,751 new data centers opened in the USA in 2022.

A server with good quality, fast speed, and an affordable price sounds like the perfect deal, but it isn’t always easy to incorporate all three elements. The good news is that there is a fairly cheap solution when it comes to buying server hardware.

First of all, make a plan of what you are looking for, what type of projects you will be working on, and then research the market. If you are new to the IT world, purchasing refurbished servers might be the perfect option for you since a new server and its parts might cost you a fortune. The following four reasons will ease your decision and help you understand why buying a used server is the best option for you.

Low cost

Used servers cost a lot less than new ones, so if your budget isn’t sufficient, consider buying refurbished server hardware to lower your one-time expenses. Despite being previously used, these servers are still operational, and in most cases, they work as good as a brand new server.

The great part about these servers is that you can always switch its components if they no longer work or if you need to upgrade them to achieve better performance. Most of the time, it’s easier to find server parts for older models than it is for new ones, and they will definitely be cheaper. It is a win-win situation, because you can use the rest of your budget on other IT equipment.

Reduced electronic waste

Electronic waste represents a massive problem in the world today. Many countries have drafted new regulations requesting all electronic equipment be recycled instead of thrown into the landfill. The companies are being audited annually to make sure that they are recycling all equipment properly.

A lot of IT companies have hopped on the recycling bandwagon (which also helps them save money on paid repair), and after the warranty period of their new store-bought server expires, they donate or sell the old server parts to companies that would later be responsible for all the recycling. These companies refurbish the parts, upgrade them if necessary, and then sell them to other IT companies for half the original price. By purchasing used server parts, you are contributing to keeping the environment clean, as well as giving new life to the old server. You will protect the planet and keep your budget intact.

Low maintenance

By purchasing used servers and server parts, you are simplifying your life because it is much easier to find their replacement. Previously used servers come with an already established popularity among IT users. This is why retail stores make sure to keep a well-equipped storage unit consisting of all sorts of replacement parts.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with some of the parts, you can easily return them to the retailer and purchase something else rather than trying to return a new spare part to the manufacturer directly. Due to the low price of the spare parts, you can buy various parts at the same time and use them according to your needs.

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Well-proven performance

Refurbished servers are configured with parts such as upgraded processors, drives, and memory cards, making them ideal for any performance. When purchasing a refurbished server, always make sure that the server has been previously used by a company similar to yours. This way, you will know that the server has optimal performance attributes and is perfect for your area of business.

When purchasing a refurbished server, try to pick a seller that is an expert in the area of refurbishing servers and server parts. The refurbished servers need to be configured with the proper power supply, storage devices, motherboards, and cooling fans. Make sure these parts are always double-checked by the sellers before the upgrade. A key thing to remember after the configuration is to optimize all of the server parts. This way, you will improve data processing efficiency and achieve hardware stabilization, which will ultimately result in better performance of the server parts.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a used server is a great idea, taking into consideration all the benefits you get. Affordable server parts with excellent performance features are the real deal. Moreover, you will be able to contribute to the safety of the planet, and this reason alone seems enough to forget your hesitations and purchase a used server today.

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