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How to Minimize your PDF File Size

by Felix Omondi

In this age of digital information and technology, sharing of information is quite rampant. Sometimes, you might be squeezed for a mobile data package or storage space. The information you are creating, storing, and sharing might quickly become a concern.

This article will walk you through how to reduce the size of PDF files. This is something that could come in handy when you want to share information, but you don’t have a lot of leeway with regards to the mobile data internet connection package, or you’re squeezed for storage space.

How to Compress PDF File Size

There are plenty of tools online that can be used to reduce the size of a PDF file size. That includes PDF2Go, SmallPDF, and ILovePDF. You can visit any of these websites, upload your PDF file and have it compressed to a smaller size.

How to Compress PDF File using Adobe Acrobat Reader

To use this route, you must first install the Adobe Acrobat reader application locally on your computer. Open the app and go to File and pick the PDF file you wish to compress, and then click on Save As in the dropdown menu.

On the Save As dialog box, choose the Reduced Size PDF option on the dropdown menu. Next, you can click the Settings button, where you will find more control option on just how much compressed you want your PDF file.

Once you have selected your desired PDF file compression level, you can click OK to make the changes effective. You will now need to select the location where you want the PDF file saved.

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How to use Mac’s Preview to Compress PDF File Size

If you’re a Mac user, you have an additional option to compress your PDF file. All you need to do is open the Preview app, go to File > Export and in the Export dialog box, pick the Quartz Filter option from the dropdown menu.

Now choose the Reduce File Size option and pick the Reduce File Size option. Now click the Save button and your PDF file will be compressed and saved in the location of your choosing.

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