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4 Steps You Should Take if You’re Injured While Visiting a Business


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Not many people think of business premises as a place they could suffer life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, accidents happen at business premises, leaving visitors and customers with life-changing injuries.

If you get into an accident at business premises and suffer injuries, you may be eligible for compensation if the premises owner was negligent in ensuring your safety. However, you must take the right steps after an accident to improve your chances of a favorable outcome for your accident.

Here are a few things you may want to do if you have been injured while visiting a business.

1.  Get Medical Help

If you get in a high-impact accident on business premises, the first thing on your mind will be your health, especially when you have apparent injuries. But even when you do not have apparent injuries, seeking medical help should be a priority because some injuries may fail to show at the accident scene.

So, call 911 for severe injuries or go to the ER as soonest as possible. Seeking medical attention serves two purposes; upholding your health and providing critical evidence required to build a strong case.

2.  Document the Accident Scene

An accident claims case stands or falls on evidence, and there is no better time to gather evidence than when you are still at the accident scene. But there are situations where it may not be possible due to the extent of your injuries.

Under such circumstances, you could have someone else do it for you. Evidence documentation involves taking pictures and recording video footage of the scene while carefully capturing every detail that can help build your case. You may also want to gather witness testimonies if there were any at the scene.

3.  Report Your Accident

Many accident victims assume that the business premises will document an accident after it happens. But they may not until you report officially.

Different states have statutory time limits for reporting an accident with the at-fault party, so you must be deliberate about reporting the accident soon enough to avoid losing your right to sue. You do not have to give details about your injury while reporting. Also, avoid making statements about how you feel because it can be used against you by the at-fault lawyer.

4.  Consult a Lawyer About Pursuing Compensation

Business owners owe their customers and other persons that come to their business premises a duty of care. If the business owner breaches this duty, they become liable for damages should the injured party choose to sue.

While the accident may have resulted from the business owner’s negligence, proving liability can be challenging. Even when you could prove it on your own, there is a high chance you won’t recover fair compensation for damages suffered.

Working with an injury attorney from a reliable law firm, such as Abels & Annes, can give you the best shot at a fair settlement.

How a Lawyer Can Help in Your Case

While you could pursue your claim on your own, having a lawyer adds a level of assurance of a better outcome for several reasons. Most importantly, a lawyer will command respect from the at-fault party’s side, which means they will be less inclined to put a sloppy offer on the table.

Besides commanding respect, a lawyer understands the evidence that matters in an injury case and can help you gather what is needed to increase the chances of a fair outcome. Having a lawyer in your case also helps ease the burden on your shoulders by handling the challenging legal aspects of your case so you can focus on your recovery.

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