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5 Innovative Bathroom Cabinet Trends in 2020

5 Innovative Bathroom Cabinet Trends in 2020

The world is evolving into a high-tech world, so as the different innovations in bathroom cabinet designs. As the new year is approaching, new trends for bathroom cabinets are also approaching.

People tend to change preferences too and want new bathroom cabinet designs when they get tired of what they currently have. If you’re planning on redesigning your bathrooms, here are some of the upcoming trends for bathroom cabinets.

Vertical opening system

Gone are the days when people pull cabinet doors sideways to open their bathroom cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with traditional hinged doors, but having lift up cabinet doors is more stylish and safer to open.

Door swings do not collide with other things in your bathroom, like walls, cabinets, or glasses. There’s also less chance of bumping your head into the cabinet doors when you leave them open. It also saves space in the bathroom. Since door swings don’t collide with other things in the bathroom, there will be less space needed to open the cabinets.

Lift-up doors also offer aesthetically pleasing designs compared to the traditional ones. They look sleek, simple, and stylish since the materials used are acrylic, glass, and laminate. If you’re going for contemporary or modern bathroom design, then lift-up doors for bathroom cabinets should be included in your options.

Small-scale bathroom cabinets

People in this generation seldom acquire housing in a neighborhood or subdivision. Many of them tend to get studio apartment or condominium units for themselves. These units usually have smaller toilets, so the bathroom cabinets needed are also small-scale.

Considering this, some designers recommend double stacked cabinets for more storage. Some even recommend having over-the-toilet storage, where you can keep spare towels and tissue paper.

The more colorful, the merrier

When it comes to redecorating the bathroom, an essential element of the design is color. Although gray, white, and black are the most common colors used for modern bathrooms, bright colors are going to be the colors of bathrooms for the year 2020.

You can opt for white walls and accent them with colorful bathroom cabinets. Many cabinet manufacturers, like those of usa bathroom cabinets, can offer a wide range of shade options. Others also personally accommodate a client’s preferred colors that are not available in their catalog by mixing paints to create the desired color.

Aside from bright and colorful cabinets, dark colors are also becoming a hit to many. They create a great contrast from the light-colored walls of the bathroom. The most common dark colors are black, gray, emerald green, and royal blue.


With accessibility to smart devices, there is a big chance that you will upgrade your bathroom into a smart one. In this case, your smart gadgets inside your bathroom will also need storage solutions that can accommodate the needs of the gadgets.

Have charging stations available inside your bathroom. To keep your bathroom uncluttered, put the charging stations inside the cabinet boxes or drawers. You may ask your cabinet maker or installer to drill holes inside the cabinet so that the wires can go through those holes.

It is also essential that the cabinets will have small cubbies for the gadgets that are waterproof and moisture-proof. The distance of these cubbies should be considerably faraway from faucets or showers.

Having cooling cabinets for medicines and warming drawers to keep towels warm are two house crazes for many homeowners these days. If you’re planning to have these in your bathroom, make sure that the materials used are compatible with the needs of your smart gadgets and bathroom essentials.

Integrated lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference inside a space, as well. LED lights have recently been popular because of its sustainability and low price. They generate almost no heat, so they are perfect for cabinets. In fact, under cabinet lighting and interior cabinet lighting are two common ways to lighten storage areas.

You use under-cabinet lighting when there is an overhead cabinet above your sink. It makes you see the things on your sink easily, especially when your body is blocking the light coming from the main light bulb in your bathroom.

Interior cabinet lighting, on the other hand, is meant for illuminating the insides of your cabinet. This enables you to see things inside your cabinet clearly. You can have a switch to turn on and off the lights manually, or you can have them automatically turn on or off when cabinet doors are opened or closed, respectively.


In this coming year 2020, conventional and innovative cabinets will be the trends to watch out. If you’re considering changing your bathroom aesthetic, then keep in mind the things mentioned above. Take note that cabinets usually cost an arm and a leg, so be sure to get the best bang for your buck. The last thing you should do is not choosing wisely.

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