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6 Reasons Why Your Mac Could Be Crashing


While Macs are known for their stability, they’re not invulnerable to performance issues. If you’re feeling frustrated because your Mac is crashing inexplicably, then check this list out for some possible answers:

Corrupt Hardware

Although Macs use premium parts that have extended longevity, nothing lasts forever. If your old machine is crashing, then one of the components could be malfunctioning. Your best bet is to take your computer to a technician to have its storage drive, memory sticks, processor, and motherboard checked for problems.

If your Mac is relatively new and crashing, then you may simply have had some bad luck with components. Hopefully, your computer is still under warranty protection.

It’s not uncommon for Mac hardware to corrupt because of power surges, especially for people who live in locations that experience extreme weather conditions that disrupt power or people who live in areas with long power lines. It’s best practice to use a good UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system with a surge protector to shield your investment from voltage fluctuations.

You can also try cleaning your hardware with an air duster. Sometimes dust can cause a computer to overheat and crash.

Outdated Hardware

If your Mac is crashing, then perhaps it lacks the processing power to manage modern software. Consider upgrading your machine’s memory to 16GB or your storage drive to a modern Solid State Drive (SSD) for better performance.


It’s a misconception that Macs don’t get viruses. In fact, according to an eye-opening report from cybersecurity expert Malwarebytes, Macs outpaced PCs in malware threats per endpoint last year. If your system is crashing, then you need the best antivirus software to keep your Mac clean from malware like adware, viruses, spyware, ransomware etc.

Here are some other symptoms of a malware infection on a Mac:

  • Your Mac overheats or runs without reason
  • You start to see aggressive ads pop up on your screen
  • You see fake recommendations for updates
  • You notice new programs on your computer that you didn’t download

Software Incompatibility

Did your Mac start to crash after you downloaded new software? If so, your new software may be incompatible with your operating system. Uninstall the last software you downloaded for a possible remedy.

System Update

If your system is crashing, then the latest operating system update could fix the bug. However, a system update can also cause your Mac to crash. Unfortunately, Apple has released some buggy operating system updates over the years. Before you update your masOS, check out reviews and feedback on message boards to ensure that the new software is compatible with similarly configured computers as yours.

Your Mac Needs Upkeep

It may be time to perform some upkeep. Uninstall programs that you don’t use and remove software that’s overloading your Mac’s memory. Use the Disk Utility tool to repair your storage drive, if needed. Also, give your machine a restart periodically to clear errant processes from its memory.

These are just some of the reasons why your Mac could be crashing. With some diligence and the right tools, you should be able to optimize your machine.

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