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7 Amazing Countries Where You Can Live a Happy Life For Under $1000 Per Month

by Fahad Saleem

Change is the only constant in life. If you want to see new places, money should be the last thing stopping you from achieving your dreams. You can live in some of the best places in the world under $1000. If you want to move to a near place, where you could live under $1000, these are your best options.


Armenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can get a top class operate in just under $6 here. Imagine! The country lies in between Turkey and Georgia. So you can imagine the level of landscapes there. You can have your full under $1.50 dollar in Armenia. You can easily afford a one-bedroom apartment in Armenia for about $300.

Mount Ararat and the Yerevan skyline. The Opera house is visible in the center.

Mount Ararat and the Yerevan skyline. The Opera house is visible in the center.


Bali is a place in Indonesia. The place is full of beaches and luxury party places. If you are in a mood to live in a place where there’d be an ample supply of party, cheap food and women, Bali is the go-to place. I just checked on and the cheapest, reasonable hostel in Bali comes in $3 per night. The food is also pretty cheap there. The internet is available in almost every hostel and hotel in Bali.

country 2


Bolivia is getting insanely famous among backpackers around the world. First the important things: you can spend a night in Bolivia for $5, if we talk about cheap travel hostels. You can literally try the local specialties for $1 when it comes to food. Alcohol and coffee prices are very low. You can also go on Mountain Biking all the way for 1200 ft high La Paz along the famous “Death Road”.

country 3


Fiji is a very small country in the South Pacific. You can live frugally in this place for under $700. The locals sleep on the floors. But you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for about $200. The place is teeming with digital nomads, surfers and solo travelers.

country 4


Laos is a Southeast Asian country full of rich culture, scenery and hospitable locals. There are several party spots in Laos. This a Buddhist country, so you will naturally find places to take Zen retreats and relax.

country 5


Montenegro is an amazing country in the Balkans. The country is famous for its beautiful women. Another reason for its fame is the mountain range which separates the Adriatic coast from the capital. You can visit this complete cost line in a two-hour bus ride just for $7. Montenegro’s capital Podgorica is full of open air restaurants.

country 6


Nepal is swiftly becoming one of the famous travel destinations in the world. It’s perhaps one of the beautiful places where you can live under $1000. Kathmandu is famous for its bustling life and scenic views. Nepal is situated besides China and India, and is famous of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.  Just look at this photo that is trending these days on Reddit. A man rented an amazing apartment in Nepal just for $2.


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