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7 Hottest African Gaming Startups To Watch in 2015

by Fahad Saleem

7 Hottest African Gaming Startups To Watch

The worldwide gaming industry is flourishing with an explosive rate. It is generating more revenues than even the Hollywood due to tremendous fever of gaming consoles found in the young generation. The game development studios have been creating innovative games for all platforms. Africa seems to be a beginner in this regard. Let’s briefly analyze the best gaming startups to watch in Africa.

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Best Gaming Startups to Watch

Kuluya (Founder: Kunle Ogungbamila)

The Lagos-based studio develops games with the main focus on African players. The team of Kuluya creates games that would draw attention of gaming lovers. The games are intended to explore not only in Africa, but also worldwide.

Gamsole (Founder: Abola Elijah Olaniran)

The Nigerian gaming startup aims to make games that create a lot of fun for players. The founder of the startup was quite fond of digital technology and that was the real motivation for creating the gaming studio. The gaming industry might not be very popular in Africa, but the company targets bigger audience.

Maliyo Games (Founder: Hugo Obi)

It is yet another wonderful Lagos-based startup. It creates mobile games with typical African flavor. The company aims to share the everyday experiences of Africans to the global audience. The studio aims to create great web and mobile content. The narratives, environment, and characters enabled the studio to achieve its core objectives in the gaming industry.

Leti Games (Founder: Eyram Tawla)

The superb Ghana-based studio performs dual functions. It produces video games as well as comic books that are based on African characters. The lag of Africa in the gaming industry provoked the passion in the co-founder to create high quality video games. Game development is quite a lucrative industry that can easily flourish in Africa.

Thoopid (Founder: Liebenberg)

This gaming studio hailed from Cape Town, South Africa. It boasts experienced game developers with award-winning skills in design, digital marketing, development, and emerging media. The studio has worked quite a lot on its Snailboy title that has captivated the attention of local gamers. Snailboy is an interesting physics-based puzzle game with extremely cool graphics, killer sounds, and over 40 different levels of challenging game play.

Planet Rackus (Founder: Joe Njeru)

This amazing Kenyan-based company comprises a team of individuals with the passion for telling African stories via a sustainable Digital Entertainment Framework. Planet Rackus focuses on developing rich, quality, and localized content that captivates the attention of African audience. Their first title, Ma3Racer, was a great success in the Kenyan market.

Sonbim Games (Founder: Idamiebi “Idams” Ilamina-Eremie)

This Nigerian startup is a team of creative game designers. The company was established owing to passion of the members of the team. Most of the team members operate remotely from their homes. The startup has been hailed as the first indigenous game developers from Nigeria.

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The evolution of the gaming industry in Africa is going in the right direction. The best gaming startups to watch in Africa clearly indicate the passion of programmers and developers to design highly popular games for the global audience.




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