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8 Tips for Choosing Dialing Software for Sales Organizations


Being in the call center industry isn’t as easy as it may seem, let alone making your business thrive in this particular field. Some people often consider this industry as one of the easiest professions and jobs to handle. But, there’s no denying the number of challenges one may encounter in ensuring the success of their business.

Particularly, many businesses often have a hard time finding the right type of dialing system to boost their lead generation and sales organization. It’s also tricky to select the appropriate dialing system to optimize their outbound calling processes and lessen operating costs.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives one can consider to obtain their business purposes. These may include searching for the best dialing software that could help your business grow and maximize its uses. To know about them, continue reading this article.

Things To Know About Auto Dialers

Whether you’re trying to bolster your company’s lead generation, striving to increase your company’s sales, or aiming to garner higher customer retention rates, one of the most efficient ways to achieve your goals is to use dialing systems. Among the other options you can consider, dialer systems like Call Cowboy and other types of dialing software might be the answer to your concerns.

Intrinsically, auto-dialing systems are a type of automated telephone answering machines that are commonly used for outbound processing and product management. They typically consist of numerous algorithms one can use to effectively select numbers from a list and direct connected calls to agents.

Unlike before, employees don’t have to dial numbers manually and wait for their calls to be answered by their clients. By using this software, they can now reduce the time wasted on dialing disconnected lines and clear out calls that end up in voicemails. Also, auto-dialing software could help pick out calls that are answered by real customers over those that are answered by answering machines.

For more information, you can check out the roles of each dialer below:

  • Predictive Dialer: One of the most common types of dialing systems is a predictive dialer. Widely known for its capacity to detect an agent’s availability to accept calls and connect them to clients, this particular type of software could help enhance your business’s lead generation and sales organizations in many ways. For instance, predictive dialers could automatically select numbers from a list and direct them to agents.

Predictive dialers use algorithms to either speed up or slow down dialing rate, increase agent talk time, and lessen drop rate in calls. As it’s largely known for improving calling practices, a predictive dialer can also be an ideal option for telemarketing firms, business campaigns, and sales organizations.

  • Preview Dialer: While predictive dialers are known for bolstering the number selection process, a preview dialer allows agents to make and facilitate incoming calls. Particularly, it enables agents to ‘preview’ customer records before calling them.

Through that, agents could gather sufficient knowledge about their clients’ preferences and prepare the types of services and products to offer to them. For sales-based call centers, preview dialers might be the best option to bolster sales revenue.

  • Progressive Dialer: Although many people tend to confuse predictive dialers with progressive dialers, know that these two are different in many ways. A power dialer or progressive dialer is a type of dialing software that allows agents to create productive interactions between clients. Aside from enhancing customer engagement, progressive dialers could also help boost calling processes as they could dial another number on the queue list immediately after a call.

Choosing The Best Dialing Software

The standard processes of lead generation also changed over time. This is due to the fast-changing trends in the call center industry. Another factor is the emergence of various technological advances that aim to promote customer services.

Specifically, many businesses opt for using dialing systems that could help them increase their sales revenue and promote quality customer services. Dialing software also makes it easier for companies to reach existing and potential clients without much hassle.

If you’re considering the idea, here are some tips you must know before choosing a dialing software:

1. Determine The Customer Base

When choosing the right auto dialer for your business, one of the things you need to consider is the customer base. For starters, you need to know if your business has a large customer base or not. If yes, then a predictive dialer might be the right dialer to use. Aside from allowing you to reach a larger number of prospective clients, a predictive dialer could also help improve your dialing processes.

On the other hand, if your base is relatively small, you can use a preview dialer. Not only could it help speed up your lead generation, but also boost employee productivity and enhance customer engagement.

Additionally, a progressive dialer could help decrease idle time among employees and immediately connect them to the next call after their previous one.

2. Choose The Right Features

Apart from identifying your customer base, you should also consider the features you’re looking for in dialing software. Are you aiming for a flexible and scalable system? Or are you after software that could speed up your callback processes? Either way, it’s best to list down the features you need and select the dialer that could match them.

Do you need dialing software that could help manage your interactive voice response (IVR), product promotions, list management, text-to-speech conversions, and speech recognition processes? If so, then you need to find a dialer that could best suit your company’s needs. You may also look for these essential features when searching for the right dialing system for your business:

  • Flexible Redialing Rules: These features could help improve the way you handle redialing intervals and reduce failed attempts in cold-calling. They could also enhance the employees’ handling of contacts.
  • Voice Call Recording: This feature is crucial in helping agents and business owners monitor the activities between agents and clients during a call. Although this might be a little unnerving on the agent’s part, listening in is essential in managing and keeping track of their performance. By recording the call, they could efficiently check whether they’re complying with the guidelines and standards of the company.
  • Auto Callbacks: It allows easier callbacks and enables agents to handle redirected calls to other agents better.
  • Local Caller ID: Potential clients don’t like to see spam messages from unknown numbers in their inboxes. With this particular feature, you can incorporate your company’s local caller ID and bolster your contact rates.
  • Time Zones: When creating a successful call-calling process, you must not forget to consider the time differences of your prospective clients. Know that timing is relevant to boosting your key performance indicators (KPIs) and improving lead generation. Also, be mindful about dealing with other agents or customers with different timetables.

For instance, calling clients from varying time zones than yours might appear rude and could potentially disturb them in whatever they’re doing at that time. Aside from leaving an unpleasant impression, you might also lose them instead of gaining their loyalty. If you’re target audience or clients are from different places, you need to use a dialing system that could schedule calls and store customer information.

  • Scripts: Scripts on dialing systems allow dialers to construct coherent scripts they can use during a call. Instead of saying unclear information to their prospective clients and turning them off, having a script could make each call meaningful and informational. Also, it could create a conducive working environment for the agents.
  • Smart Retry: In some cases, calls are being accidentally dropped and disconnected for some reason. While neither the agents nor the clients may want it to happen, these events could affect the productivity of the latter.

    Also, it could decrease their efficiency and competence due to disrupted calls. To avoid that, you can use dialing systems with smart retry features to automatically recall dropped numbers. Calls are disconnected and accidentally dropped all the time.

3. Check The Technical Support

Many businesses choose specific dialing systems for varying reasons. For some, choosing high-end dialers could help automate their business processes more. However, there’s no point in selecting these alternatives if you lack sufficient knowledge on how to use them. Due to this, it’s best to pick a dialing system that can be used easily with reliable technical support.

In most cases, businesses choose dialer software with 24/7 technical support to cater to any issue at any time. To do that, it’s also better to find service providers that invest heavily in their support infrastructure and provide dependable technical support to clients.

4. Assess The Compatibility

When choosing a dialing system, you need to consider not just its technical support but also its levels of compatibility and efficiency. Particularly, you need to ensure the dialer software’s compatibility to have a stable working process.

Being in the call center industry, you might experience disruption in the normal functioning of your current dialer system. This could be due to certain reasons, like using the wrong type of dialer software. When that happens, you need to find a replacement to prevent any serious impact on your business operation.

As a rule of thumb, you must first assess the software’s compatibility to know if it could answer your business needs and integrate with your existing business systems. Through this, you can ensure seamless working operations.

5. Evaluate The CRM Integration Capability

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the key elements for successful business operations. Due to this, many businesses opt to focus on improving their CRM and finding the best dialing software to boost its functions. To easily update the clients’ record within the dialer, you can consider choosing a dialer software with seamless CRM integration capacity.

Apart from making data entry processes more manageable, dialing systems with efficient CRM integration could help increase your customer retention rate and bolster your market reach. As much as possible, you should look for providers that are knowledgeable about your CRM system and could help install your dialers. It’s also a plus point if they could help integrate your chosen dialer to the CRM you’re using to avoid any hassle.

6. Analyze Scalability

To make your business stable and secured, you must look for dialing systems that could help improve its scalability. Specifically, you should assess the scalability of your preferred dialer system and see if it could help your business go through seasonal shifts in the industry.

Also, you need to check the number of outbound calls your dialer can handle and whether it can efficiently manage to add or remove agents from your campaigns. You can also consider modifying the dialing system to better cater to your business’s needs.

7. Examine Pace Algorithm

Customized pace algorithms are essential features that most businesses need to effectively handle their dialing processes. Among the other kinds of dialing systems mentioned above, a predictive dialer utilizes particular sets of algorithms that allow agents to determine their pace of dialing prospective clients.

In most cases, these algorithms allow agents to maximize their overall productivity and efficiency by lessening idle time and speeding up dialing processes. Aside from that, agents could also balance the number of calls they handle and could transfer incoming calls to other available agents when they’re busy.

If you’re considering purchasing a dialing system to optimize your sales organization, might as well look for a dialer that uses an incredible pace algorithm. This ensures the efficiency of your lead generation and cold-calling processes.

8. Test Skill-Based Routing

As mentioned earlier, building interactions with customers is essential in promoting exceptional customer service and boosting customer retention. Although it might be challenging to accomplish, using dialing systems could be of great help to many companies. Particularly, dialing software could effectively manage incoming calls and direct clients to agents that could better cater to their concerns.

This is due to the capacity of the dialing software to store and monitor internal performance reviews of agents, customer feedback, and other qualities that gauge the overall performance of agents. Through these, dialer systems could lead prospective clients to the ideal agents and improve customer satisfaction afterward.


Finding the right type of dialing system is as essential as identifying the appropriate strategy for your business. Businesses in the call center industry should be smart in choosing the best dialer software as it could significantly affect their lead generation and sales organization.

If you’re also considering the idea, you can choose from certain types of autodialer software like predictive, power, and preview dialers. But before purchasing one, you must first know which of them could efficiently improve your business operations. You can also consider the aforementioned considerations and tips above to effectively obtain your goals.

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