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A bug on Google News app consuming too much data forcing users to kill background activities

by Felix Omondi
google news

Perhaps you have noticed that your mobile phone has become a vampire, sucking the data out of your internet plan like never before. Well, if you have Google News app installed, that is probably the culprit.

Users are taking to online platforms to complain about the Google News app, which they say is consuming too much data and driving up their internet charges. Users are taking to social media with screenshots detailing the extremely high data consumption, and they are all pinning it down to the Google News app.

The complaints began in May, and it was only until September when the issue was acknowledged officially by a Google community manager. That was when an unhappy user posted a screenshot of the up hogging as much as 24GB of data, leading to charges running into hundreds of dollars.

Some users, who had set the app to ‘download over Wi-Fi only’ mode still had the bug drive up their mobile data plan.

It’s recommended you switch off background data for Google News

Though Google is yet to release a fix for the situation, you can save yourself from paying high internet bills by simply deactivating background data for the app. That should fix the situation, and maybe you might stop using the app for a while. The web version should be an adequate alternative as you wait for Google to fix the problem.

And in other news… Dark Theme for Google News now available

You know Dark Theme is a thing these days, we see it on the major operating systems, the last three-or-so builds of Windows 10 and now macOS Mojave have dark theme options. People are just too tired from the eye-strain you get staring at all white-bright spaces, and in, comes dark themes to the rescue

And now Google News has jumped onto that bandwagon and released the Dark Theme feature for its app. It is currently only available for Android device users.

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