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WhatsApp improves the Mute feature making it more effective under Vacation Mode

by Felix Omondi

Each one of us, there are times when we feel like unplugging from the rest of the world and into our own space. In today’s world that is easier said than done; especially since you will be having your smartphone around you everywhere you go. And with it comes open tap of communication in the form of WhatsApp, emails, social media, and perhaps work and school related stuff.

Speaking of WhatsApp, the instant messaging feature has all along had the mute feature. It allows you to mute notification from certain contacts or groups. Although you will not get sound notifications, when you open the app you will most certainly get notified via icons. That might just be enough to drag you back into the very same thing you were running from.

According to WhatsApp leak site WABetainfo, there is a new work-in-progress feature called Vacation Mode that when turned on will stop archived chats from sending notifications. You will appreciate this feature when you think about all the times you have received a notification from WhatsApp for a contact or group you have muted.

Just because you didn’t want to come off rude (among other lists of names) to a contact or group, and decided instead of blocking or leaving the group, you just mute them. With the Vacation Mode, there will be no notification whatsoever and it the message threads will remain archived. And not reappear each time a new message comes in as is the case currently.

WABetainfo says this new feature is part – which is still under development – is part of a new WhatsApp feature that rolled out to Android called Silent Mode. Silent Mode leverages on the App Badge feature on Android, which displays numbers as an indication of new notifications. You see these numbers on apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp among other apps.

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