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A step by Step Guide on How to be Famous on YouTube

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True to Charles Darwin’s famous two philosophies, ‘The Survival of the Fittest’ and ‘The Struggle for Existence.’ Humans as a species have been the pinnacle of success for both of these two philosophies. We have consistently been innovative enough to change the natural course of nature around us to suit our best interests as humanity.

Looking back through human evolution history, our species has come a long way in terms of innovativeness. From the time we learned to craft weapons and tools from sticks, bones, and rocks. To the time we learned to manage and control fire. However, perhaps our most revolutionary invention and innovation yet, has been the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Thanks to ICT, to be precise the internet, a person sited virtually anywhere on Earth can talk to another person sited halfway around the world. The internet has created a virtual (digital) world where people can run a good number of things they could only before do in the physical world. These things include trade, learning, communication, entertainment, and sports.

ICT Transformed the way we do Business

Speaking of entertainment, humans, by nature, are fun-loving, social, and curious creatures. That fact has been proven time and time again across all the human civilizations around the planet and over the history of humanity. Greece loved being entertained with the sight of gladiators going at each other in the arenas. The Maasai young man had to prove his manhood by going out into the African savanna and hunt down a lion using rudimentary weapons.

However, ICT has made today’s civilization conduct their trade, learning, communication, entertainment, and sports in a manner never seen before in human history. A lot can now be done digitally, including making a living.

Speaking of making a living, there are a countless number of people making a decent income doing entertainment, education, business, and sports through YouTube videos. Yes, unlike your forefathers who had to venture out in the wilderness to hunt game meat and gather fruits and vegetables. Today’s generation can sit in their bedroom, open up their laptop, and make themselves a living.

What makes a Successful YouTuber?

If you didn’t know you can make a decent living making YouTube videos, then this article is for you. It might sound easy, but if it were, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Then again, if anyone can do it, will the craft make such a good living for everyone?

Obviously, some do it the right way and proceed to make a good living as YouTubers. Then some get a couple of things wrong (if not a lot of things wrong) and end up wasting their time and resources. This article will be talking about the things the latter do to become successful YouTubers. They are as follows:

1. Keep It Clean

First thing first, make sure your YouTube channel is clean. What makes a clean YouTube channel? Well, for one, when starting out, make sure the channel is at zero. That means no previously uploaded videos. You want to build your channel from bottom to top with content tailored to your targeted audience.

Once you have in your hands a clean YouTube channel, you can now start posting video content most likely to attract your target audience. Your videos should be rich in quality and quantity. In simple words, your videos should be good enough to keep people glued to your channel. You don’t want your viewers to just view a video and move on to the next video from a different channel.

You want to intrigue them enough that they take actions such as liking the video, leaving comments, sharing with their friends, subscribing to the channel, and clicking the bell notification button. For that to happen, you will need to do thorough research to know what content gets the most traction from your viewers.

2. Use your Helpers well

Thanks to social media’s ever-evolving features, you can get much done without investing a lot of your resources. For the purpose of this article, let us call these features co-factors. They are sidekicks that can help you grow your subscribers’ numbers.

The co-factors are community tabs where you can ask project questions regarding your next video topics. You can also conduct polls where you can let your audience for and decide anything you ask and stories where you can give a basic hint to your audience about your upcoming projects.

3. Make an Awesome Trailer

The trailer is your chance for you to advertise your video to prospective viewers. Therefore, it needs to intrigue viewers first and fast. YouTube gives you the ability to create a trailer for your videos, use this feature to create awesome trailers.

4. Be Under Time

In keeping with Drake’s words – that he ‘borrowed’ from George Strait, we are “here for a good time, not a long time.” Your viewers also live by the same mantra. Make your videos short and sweet. Overextension is something bad, especially if you cannot sustain the viewers’ thrill throughout the video.

Plus, people don’t have time to sit down and watch one long video. When they got tons after tons of other videos on the internet to also watch, so keep it short and exciting.

5. Buy Subscribers and Views

Suppose you have been using the above four suggested ways to grow your YouTube channel subscriber base but to no avail. Then it is time to bring out the ‘big guns’ in the form of buying subscribers and viewers.

There are various websites with providing viewers and subscribers. Yes, they are legit, leading up to real growth in subscribers’ base and views. You can be sure it is not another fraud out to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash, and it gives the promised results. So once you buy subscribers and viewers, you will have them forever so, if you are struggling to grow your viewership and subscriber number. These websites will give your YouTube channel a big boost.

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