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Adobe working on bringing the full Photoshop to an iPad near you

by Felix Omondi
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Since the launch of the iOS 11 back in 2017, Apple has been trying to make the iPad a full-fledged PC replacement. However, despite some of Apple’s best efforts, there as simply some desktop application that just won’t run on the mobile OS. For that reason, the iPad has remained to be just that, a tablet trying so hard to become a desktop.

Though Microsoft did pull that stint off with Windows 10 running on both tablets and desktop PCs; you virtually can run desktop apps on the tablet. For Apple, macOS and iOS are two separate universes and app designed for one platform cannot run on the other.

That macOS and iOS will never merge the way Microsoft did with Windows 10 is not in doubt as Tim Cook came forth to put those rumors to rest. It, therefore, remains that full-fledged desktop application will not be available on Apple’s mobile device. Unless of course, the apps’ developers decide to tweak their code to make them run on the said mobile devices.

Which is exactly what Adobe has done. As reported by Bloomberg, Adobe is working on bringing the full Photoshop functionalities to iPad by this year October. The app will probably be released to the general public early next year; the full version of Photoshop.

Adobe’s Chief Product Officer for Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, confirmed there will be a cross-platform edition of Photoshop available on iOS. He did not confirm the timeline of the release. The company already has multiple photo and imaging apps available on iOS, but none of them can live up to the quality Photoshop PC and Mac versions offer. On the mobile front, Photoshop has left that space for competitions like Affinity Photo.

The release of full Photoshop on the iPad will be a game changer for Adobe. The company has been working to entice hobbyists and casual users alongside image-editing professionals. Apparently, there has been great demand for Photoshop for users wishing to have the app do their editing on the fly.

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