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Android Vs. iOS: Which Is a More Robust Device for Your Game Launch?


Android or iOS: Which Development Deserves Your Attention?

There is an all-time iOS development vs. Android development battle in the gaming globe. Different stat records show different results, which often confuse the developers. We get it! Mobile gamers are multiplying rapidly in the current market. Hence, for a game to succeed, it must have an app. But which platform should be right for your application? If you have the same query, then stay hooked with us until the end!

Android Vs. iOS: Which Is More Profitable?

We know that you want to launch product players love globally, but we also understand that you want the app to profit. That is why it is important to know the business stats of the platforms. Have a look below:

  • Revenue: As per the 2020 reports, the Apple Store has made more sales than Play Store. iOS made a profit of around $32 billion compared to the $17 billion revenue of Android. IOS is the winner here.
  • Market share: The market share of Android is far higher than iOS. It is so because people can easily afford to buy an Android device, whereas the iPhone is a premium gadget for the rich ones.
  • Download stats: Android has more users, implying that the number of downloads is higher in the Play Store.
  • Programming: The coding language of iOS is more accessible because it uses Swift, unlike the Java programming adopted by Android.
  • The development features: Android Studio wins over Xcode because of its swift and stable features. Xcode is often called a slow and unstable platform for growth.
  • Development speed: As Apple is its exclusive device, it does not need multiple testing. However, Android needs several tests because it works with numerous mobile manufacturers. This clearly states that the overall speed is faster in iOS.
  • Cost: Salaries paid to the professionals while developing a game are more or less the same for both platforms. However, the employees need a MacBook for developing a game on iOS, which is an expensive affair. Therefore, the overall cost is higher for Apple games development.

As you can see, Android is ahead in most categories. However, the profit is higher on iOS. Hence, depending on the goal of your app, you can choose any of the two development platforms of your choice!

Target Audience of Android and iOS

Target audiences of both the devices are given below:


Belongs to middle-class families  Belongs to wealthy families
Downloads free games  Spends on apps and special features

It will help if you know your target audience before choosing between the two developments. If you want to serve both audiences, launching your game on both platforms will work best. However, that will involve high costs. Hence, plan as per your budget and needs and then select the development OS.


We hope this blog has helped you know which development platform you should choose. Make sure whichever platform you choose, the game design and features match the market standards. You can learn more about this here.

Also, do proper testing before launching the product. If you fail to test the app properly, you will lose customers for the technical glitches in the applications. So, Android or iOS – which one will you choose? Do share with us!


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