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Apex Legends: 10 Crucial Tips For Advanced Players


Learning never ends, even for gamers! Even if you are a pro at games like Apex Legends, there are some tips you might have never stumbled upon. But don’t worry, we have them listed here for you.  You can always use some Apex Legends Cheats, but these tips are a fantastic alternative when you want to play clean.

1) Landing and Sliding

Dropping faster and in the proper manner is an essential part of the Apex Legends game. Players who land early can loot powerful items first.

The next thing is sliding correctly because it will take you from point A to point B quickly. While making movements, sliding down the slope will work. On flat surfaces, it will enhance your speed. For enemies, striking you is difficult when you slide frequently.

2) Use Aggressive nature

Players can earn rewards by being aggressive in the game. Instead of just focusing on loot, you must fight too. Aggressive squads that fight to reach the top will have a better understanding of using weapons. Do not repeatedly hide to reload energy and heal wounds. By avoiding fights, things will become challenging for you in the long term.

3) Cover Large Distance with Balloon 

The game allows you to use jump tower balloons for covering a considerable distance. You will be able to find enemy squads and plan your upcoming moves. They can also be used to recon. Look up at the sky and launch the balloon by holding down the “look” button.

4) Target the Blue Circle

The blue circle, which shines on the map, is the location where most loot is available. Here, players can get gold equipment. But that’s a natural hot zone. You are going to put yourself in trouble by landing there. So you might want to avoid it sometimes. However, whenever possible, don’t be afraid to use it to get better loot.

5) Ping Feature

The ping feature in Apex Legends is rewarding. Use it for pinging enemy locations and loot spots. It’s an excellent way to communicate with your squad without even speaking.

6) Caustic for Small Buildings

In some indoor situations, especially small buildings, Caustic is the best. Caustic is loaded with functions that help in turning buildings into traps. It blocks guests from entering through the door. Put them in front of the door to see the magic. If your teammate is down, use Caustic for dropping down a Gas trap while you assist them.

7) Lifeline Shield

Lifeline shield acts as a beacon of hope for every player. Remember, it heals you quicker than other tools. With it, you can force the enemy to attack, knowing you are already prepared to defend. In close-quarter combat, it works as a literal shield and lets you survive longer.

8) Effective Communication

In any team game, communication is crucial. No matter how masterful you are, you need to remember to talk to your team. So, either use the ping system or chat with them throughout the game. Make sure you let them know about loots and enemy locations. That way, if you’re in trouble, they’ll get there soon to defend you.

9) Control Magazine

You might empty the entire magazine with automatic weapons if an enemy surfaces. Have some control instead of losing calmness. Take some time to aim the shot at the enemy. Never exhaust your magazine completely because that’ll make you a weaker player.

10) Take cover

To fight better, you also need to be in a safe position. So before engaging in combat, always make sure you and your teammates have appropriate cover. Otherwise, your enemies will be able to kill you the moment you are vulnerable. Look for cover near you. And if your teammates require it, share cover with them.


These essential tips and tricks will take your gaming skills to new heights. Level up your Apex Legends gaming strategy by following them diligently. Let us know in the comments if you have some cool tips of your own.

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