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Best Blockchain Applications and Software 2018

by Fahad Saleem

In cryptocurrency, a block is record of a transaction. When a block is completed, it is added to the chain creating a chain of blocks known as blockchain. Someone requests a transaction which is broadcasted to a P2P network that validates the transaction. When verified, the transaction is combined with other transactions to form a blockchain which complete the transaction. It doesn’t depend on a single server or computer making it decentralized. Blockchain’s information is available publicly. It’s like a public ledger. People consider it as an alternative to traditional banks by transferring the money without the need of any bank to verify the transaction; blockchain removes the middle man.

Below are the best blockchain applications and software to benefit from in 2018.


A secured blockchain based digital platform that protects and shields digital data by conceding access to an encrypted decentralized network. With introduction of Secure Digital Vault, it plans to resolve global security weaknesses with respect to private sensitive data such as bank details, Identification documentation, health records or wills. Moreover, by forming a check-out system that will accept common fiat, it will improve cryptocurrencies usage. Throughout the DIW network, DIW token will be favored.


A custom software development company that focuses on providing end-to-end software development services. It produces transparency to business by using IBM Hyperledger, mobile app and smart contracts which are incorporated into blockchain. Also, it delivers blockchain consulting to bring transparency of the complex technology. VironIT is a member of Blockchain Association.

SAP Leonardo

It’s a creative, digital system which has early-stage blockchain capabilities that it incorporates with other expertise like machine learning and Internet of Things. It streamlines complicated multi-party processes and form trust between customers. Its blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS), an embedded SAP cloud platform, provides simple methods to experiment with technology; it’s the minimum risk gateway to initiate blockchain adoption by experimenting with blockchain to understand how it will be advantageous for your business.

Chain Core

Chain Core, a San Francisco based company, is an enterprise blockchain framework which helps organization form improved financial services from scratch. It creates a cryptographic ledger system to make financial products and services clever, safer and connected. By using Chain Core customers can initiate a blockchain network or connect to already existing networks to analyze how assets are moving around the world. Its customers include Visa, Citigroup, Nasdaq, etc.


Blockstack is a network for decentralized applications. It has created a special browser which works as an API within the default browser to run apps which are decentralized on the encrypted network. You own your data to maintain privacy and safety. Almost 200 apps let building other apps for the platform which is why millions of users are brimming around this technology. Moreover, it has a blockchain based identification system and a bitcoin wallet.


It’s a leading software for digital assets that is helping millions of customers worldwide by verifying transactions and processing them instantly without any costly intermediaries. Their goal is to create an accessible, open and unbiased financial future. Also, it is the number one resource for analyzing the blockchain. It uses technology to create fundamentally better financial systems. It has transacted more than 100 million transactions in 140 countries worldwide. Moreover, it provides tools to analyze expanding digital economy.



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