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Best iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

by Roveen

The iPhone has been improving its phone software significantly over the past few years, with the iOS 17 having some of the most significant improvements of them all.

However, beyond these improvements, there have been simple features on the iPhone that can improve your life hidden in the background. Below are some of them that you can try.

Shake to Undo Text

The first feature is the shake to undo text feature. Many people may not know this, but the iPhone has had this feature for a very long time, where you can undo a deleted sentence by simply shaking your phone.

For example, if you have typed a long sentence and deleted it but want to bring it back, you don’t need to type it out again. Instead, hold your iPhone tight and shake it from side to side. This action will bring up the undo/redo dialog box. Tap to confirm, and the deleted sentence will pop right back on the screen!

Period shortcut

If you are typing and want to save on time, then would you believe me when I told you that you can add a period to the end of sentences without clicking on the period? Just like how the computer keyboard automatically adds a period when you press the spacebar twice, the same is true for iPhone keyboards. Thus, when you reach at the end of a sentence and want to add a period and capitalize the new sentence automatically, hit the spacebar twice, and voila!

Secret button

Apple has fitted many Easter eggs on their devices, and none is that better hidden than the secret button at the back of the iPhone. Yes – the Apple logo at the back of the phone is a secret button!

Aptly named ‘Back Tap’, you can instantly trigger almost anything by tapping the Apple logo at the back. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. You can then choose what a double tap or triple tap will do. (Note that this feature applies to iPhone 8 and above)

Calculator Tricks

When using the iPhone calculator and making a mistake, for example, typing the wrong number, you don’t need to clear the screen and start again. Instead, swipe your finger left or right, and it will clear the last digit.

Additionally, gain access to the scientific calculator by simply turning your phone sideways (landscape mode).

The above hacks and many more are not only neat tricks but also can come in handy in times of need.

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