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Some of the best new Android apps that came out this August 2017

by Felix Omondi
Android apps August 2017

We are in the middle of the month, more or less, and if you are looking for ways to spice up your experience while using your smartphone or social media. Below is a list of new apps to hit the apps store this month that could help you kill some time and add fun to your spare time.

Vizmato: With social media being such a big hit in current times, when you post just an ordinary video of yourself, you are likely not to get noticed that much. Well, Vizmato helps you spice up your phone-camera-shot video by editing right there on your smartphone. You can add music, put up filters, themes, effects, and even reverse the video. The created video can also be shared through the built-in share interface to YouTube or WhatsApp.

Fast Finder: Well, in more ways than one, this app is similar to Spotlight search for Android. It sifts through files and folders in your smartphones and returns results (the particular file or folder you’re looking for) in a flash. This app is a time saver, especially for users who are not keen on arranging files on their mobile devices. So next time you can’t locate that PDF document, GIF photo, and video, etc., simply type the file name (if you can remember) or the format name on the search bar. Fast Finder will return you results in real time.

Motion Stills: You know what’s better than Emoji? GIFs, but not just any GIFs but your custom-made one; preferably of yourself. The Motion Stills has been available on iOS for over a year now but just now arriving at Android. The experience is somewhat less fulfilling on Android as it lacks Live photos as iOS. Nonetheless, it will enable you to create GIFs from collections of pictures you shot using the app.

Timbre: Show off your creative side in songs and videos using this app. It has features like audio merging and audio cutter to make editing songs and videos a walk in the park. For power users or budding video creators, this app also has advanced features like removing audio, extracting video frames, and setting the audio speed that you are going to love.

Temp eMail: Don’t you just hate how to use certain services online or access a given content, they first require you to register with your email address? Well, on their part, it is data mining, and on your side, it is nothing more than just more spams and promotional emails filling up your inbox. Sure you got filters on inboxes like Gmail, and you can always spam them, but won’t it be just easier if you never had to deal with all these? Well, Temp eMail lets you create a temporary email account you can use to register to the services and accounts you are certain you won’t need that often. Stop junk from coming into your email with this app.

LightX Photo Editor: For all your picture editing needs while on the go, Light X Photo Editor is the mobile app you’re looking for. It comes with a boatload of feature to tweak your picture in readiness for sharing on social media. Using this app, you can add frames, stickers, and even create funny caricature and cutouts.

Inswall: Your phone’s Home screen and lock screen should present your personality, not promote a brand (of your phone’ maker unless you’re really into that kind of thing). Sure you can always take a snap and put it as your wallpaper on your home screen and lock screen. Then again, you can always do better by having HD wallpaper designed by you with richer features such as gradient colors among other things.

Camera Roll: If you feel the Gallery app that comes built-in your phone is letting down, then swap it with the Camera Roll, which gives a richer experience for your photo/video gallery. Although this version is still in beta, meaning there might be some stability issue.

The above eight apps are those that were picked up by our radar the most so far this month. If you have any new app, which you find to be completely awesome, please feel free to share it with our community of readers in the comments section.

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