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Best Places to Visit in Portugal



Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and one of the most alluring cities in Europe. It lies on the Tagus River and is scattered over a series of hills, allowing for amazing views over the sea. If you truly want to experience its fascinating past, you should head to Lisbon and explore its most celebrated attractions such as Alfama and the Castelo de Sao Jorge. 

The city is home to many world-class museums, amazing food, sceneries, and many more. It will take you a few days to get to know the city well, but it will be time well spent!


Sintra is a city with a remarkable cultural landscape, very rich in history and architecture, and one of Portugal’s gems for sightseeing. It is clustered under the Serra da Sintra hills where Palacio Nacional is located. This building is somewhat a city’s landmark, so you should definitely make your way to visit it.

You can get there by car, but make sure to have your international driving permit Portugal recognizes when operating a vehicle. This permit is required for all foreign drivers, so you should always have it by your side when you’re driving across the country.


Porto is the second city in Portugal and its commercial disposition and robust granite architecture will surely leave you breathless. It has a different atmosphere than the capital city, but they are both equally beautiful. It lies on the Duoro River and is blessed with the Ribeira waterfront. The city is known for its Neoclassical buildings and Baroque churches.

A few spots you don’t want to miss while you’re in Porto are Ponte Dom Luis I, Se, and Torre dos Clerigos. If you like colorful sights and warm weather, then Porto is definitely your way to go. 


Evora is located in the heart of the Alentejo. It is one of the most beguiling destinations in the country with its well-preserved monuments and centuries of history. Its architectural treasures are well preserved, which is why the city has won the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. 

In addition, you will find a very down-to-earth personality part of the city too. Its delightful market-town ambiance is very pleasurable to many visitors, which is why they keep returning to this city. Whether you have lunch in an attractive square, browse engaging museums, or just want to wander around, Evora could be a perfect place for that.


For years, Portugal kings have been taking their queens to Obidos to stay and enjoy the beauty of this city. Today, anyone can come to this place and have a magical experience while being there. The place is located about an hour north of Lisbon, so you shouldn’t have problems finding it. 

Every artist dream of visiting Obidos. Its assortment of handicraft stores, cafes, and whitewashes cottages attract many tourists from all over the world. Additionally, its cobbled, narrow streets, enclosed by sturdy medieval walls truly offer an amazing experience to everyone.

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