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Best Plugins For Graphic Designers


If you’re a graphic designer or an aspiring graphic design hobbyist, learning a new software package because your old software doesn’t do what you need is a pain. You have a choice to make. Do you learn an entirely new program? Or do you look to see if your existing software can be expanded by adding new functionality in the form of a plugin?

There are many good plugins out there, and they come from a range of different coding languages. If you’re looking for the best plugins to make your graphic design life easier, take a look at these. The list below includes plugins for Photoshop, Maya, and other modeling tools that will make your work quicker and easier. They’re tried-and-tested and simple to understand. So, if you’re ready for a fast-paced graphic design experience without having to learn how to code yourself, feel free to check out the list.

Plugins for Photoshop

Whether you are a graphic designer or photographer, no doubt you have used Photoshop. Here are 5 Photoshop plugins you will find useful:

Camera Raw

No longer will you need to keep switching between Photoshop and Lightroom because Camera Raw allows you to adjust elements of your RAW image directly within Photoshop instead of having to switch back to Lightroom.

Animators Toolbar

This plugin provides animators with the shortcuts they’ll need to get the best from Photoshop when creating animations.

Aurora HDR

Photographers won’t have to take multiple shots to create HDR photos. Instead, they can use this plugin to create the different exposure shots required to create that HDR look.

Retouching Toolkit

Another plugin that photographers will love. As will their subjects. This plugin simplifies the process of retouching a portrait and reduces the amount of time needed to create that professional portrait.

Free Stock Search

Search free image libraries such as Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels and download the images you need without having to leave Photoshop.

Plugins for Maya

3D animation is a complex process. Creating the right 3D model requires a lot of time and effort. Maya is one of the most popular software programs for creating 3D models, but it can be complicated to use. Plugins improve this experience by simplifying the process and ensuring you get results with as few problems as possible. Here are some plugins that will make your work with Maya faster and simpler:


Hardmesh simplifies the creation of more complex surface modeling designs. Easily blend any kind of mesh without the worry of topology, as everything will remain editable until you are satisfied with the shape.


This standalone tool allows you to animate your 3D models and scenes. Vue comes with rendering tools, including terrain modeling, vegetation, clouds, and atmospheres. Vue for Maya will also allow you to control lighting effects.

ADN Modeler

Simplify your workflow with ADN Modeler Tools. This plugin will speed up the less enjoyable modeling tasks.


PlugIt offers you the ability to add pre-built elements to your design. In addition, this tool allows you to scale, rotate or control connections. This is a real-time saver!

Maya Structures

Great for those creating models of buildings or cities. The tool includes pre-defined building blocks speeding up the creation process.

Plugins for SketchUp

If you’re a user of a 3D modeling program SketchUp, consider these plugins that easily add functionality to SketchUp:

Sketchy FFD

Architechs will love this plugin. It allows the creation of domes, arches, and even more complex curves.

Shape Bender

As the name implies, this plugin makes it easy to create complex shapes. The plugin automatically sets up constraints ensuring your shape is solid when completed. This is a great plugin for those who find getting complex shapes in SketchUp quite tricky.

Manga Studio

Manga Studio is for the budding cartoonists out there. This tool offers an intuitive 2D application for professional and manga artists. Manga Studio allows artists to create high-quality comic art with filters and special effects.

Soap Skin and Bubble

This plugin allows the easy application of skin over edges to create complex curved surfaces.

Follow Me and Rotate

Creating complex geometric shapes is easier with the Follow Me and Rotate plugin. This plugin combines the traditional follow me toll with a rotating action which allows the creation of elements like rope or a complex balustrade.

Plugins for Autodesk 3DS

The 3D modeling software industry is huge. There are many different tools and techniques to get the job done. That can make the process of getting the right animation done pretty complicated. Here are a few plugins that can make your animation easier:

AR Media

This plugin will allow you to modify export your models for viewing in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.

Fracture Script

Have you ever needed to show damage in your model? The Fracture script allows you to take any element of your model and break it into as many pieces as you wish. It is ideal if you want to show damage to a wall or window.

Sweep Profiler

Sweep Profiler is another plugin for architects and interior designers. Sweep Profiler comes loaded with pre-designed elements such as banister designs and trims for the interior and exterior use.

Rock Generator

It sounds pretty obvious what effects this plugin offers – you can quickly and easily create rocks for your model.

Stone Placement Tool

This plugin is from the same developer as Rock Generator. It allows you to create natural-looking stone walls or flooring.

The use of plugins can be pretty simple or complex. It depends on the plugin and how it’s used. That’s why using the right tools to manage your plugins makes a big difference. It can save you countless hours by allowing you to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater precision than ever before. It’s important to consider the type of plugin you’re looking for and how it can help you with your workflow.

This is just a small sample of the many plugins out there to help you get the most from your software. If you’re struggling with your current tool, then consider exploring other options as there is bound to be a plugin or addon that will offer the functionality you are looking for.  Plugins are great for saving time, but they are only as good as the tools that are used. It is best to use plugins that are designed specifically for your software.

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