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Why is Studying Python a Good Idea in 2022?


Why has Python considered the most straightforward programming language? What do Python developers do besides neural networks and data analysis? And which Netflix and Spotify departments use the language? Let’s look into the structure of the profession.

Along with the rise of machine learning and neural networks that the world has seen since the early 2010s, Python has grown rapidly in popularity. As a result, the language has become a professional industry standard. You can find this programming language in online teen patti and PC games. Let’s understand these and other uses of Python and the skills needed to start a development career.

History of the Python programming language

Python source code was published in 1991. It was written by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum, who developed the language in his spare time. Python owes its name to its creator’s love of the 1970s British TV comedy, Monty Python’s Flying Circus. By the way, this removes questions about correct pronunciation.

During the existence of Python has undergone several releases, which eliminated the shortcomings of previous versions. Importantly, behind its process of improvement is not one person, but an entire community of programming enthusiasts: in real-time, they offer options for enhancements and features of the code. Furthermore, the project is open-source, which means its architecture and description are available to everyone. For example, you can look at its compiler on GitHub and make edits to suit your needs.

Getting started with Python and joining the community of developers is pretty straightforward. You can download the development environment from the official site or use a more convenient build, Anaconda, where you can immediately start implementing your first programs in an interactive development environment.

What Python developers do

Python is used in many different fields. The extent to which the language is used and a developer’s skill set depends on the specific profession and application. For example, Python is heavily used in research when working with data. For these purposes it is not necessary to be a full-fledged Python developer, it is enough to know the tools needed for specific tasks for calculations and their automation: libraries SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and others. The same applies to specialists in other fields, such as testers, CNC machine operators, marketers, sociologists, and many others. All work with any data can be simplified and automated in one way or another with the help of Python.

Without a basic knowledge of Python, today cannot do without data analysts. For data analysts, it is not essential to know complex language constructions as much as the ability to use its libraries (for example, IPI, TensorFlow) to write code as clearly and cleanly as possible. Then there are additional hard skills: knowledge of linear algebra in the last year of secondary mathematical school or first year of technical college, learning of logic, probability theory, and SQL to write queries for databases.

A more advanced Python knowledge will be required for neural networks, where the amount of data is significantly more significant. For example, it is neural network technology behind the per-user recommendation system on Netflix and Spotify. To maintain the high speed of big data processing, a developer needs to be able to write clean code and know how to optimize it. Knowledge of more advanced mathematics – section of matrices, mathematical analysis, matrix structures – and tools such as software systems performance enhancement technology, libraries, and knowledge of C++ and Java programming languages will also be a plus.

The next area is the web application backend. Python runs the server software of giants like Google, Dropbox, Spotify, and Netflix. Two frameworks in Python are primarily used here: Django, which allows you to write complex web applications, and the Flask microframework. Additional skills useful for a career as a developer include a basic understanding of frontend work – JavaScript, CSS, and HTML languages.

And the last area I would like to focus on is robotics. The ROS operating system, famous for robotics systems, uses Python as one of the main languages. Here it helps to connect the parts of the machine into one whole. Python can also be used for the Arduino rapid electronic development platform. Developers know circuit engineering, and those involved in autonomous motion and manipulator control will need a severe math background.

What Skills You Need to Master for Employment

There is also a standard package of skills that will be useful to any Python developer:

  • Basic knowledge of mathematics – divisibility of numbers, even and odd numbers, etc.;

  • Basic understanding of logic – truth, and falsehood;

  • Knowledge of sorting algorithms and data structures (stack, array, list, etc.);

  • ability to work with the Git version control system – for team development;

  • basic knowledge of Docker – special software to run your programs in a virtual environment.

Where to study Python-developer

Mastering Python is pretty straightforward. You can download the development environment and create your first programs using open source guides. If you’re interested in more systematic knowledge, you can look at continuing professional education programs. Experts of educational platforms form job-targeted tracks, filling the learning process with the necessary theory and practice and team development projects for the portfolio.

Another option is higher education. As a rule, you do not focus on a single programming language but learn general principles, mathematics, system architecture, compilers, data structures, algorithms, and efficiency. In addition, students learn how to program in different languages.


Most technical things are designed to make our lives easier. However, many of us don’t use technology very professionally. You don’t even realize that you can create amazing things with programming. For example, you can send an automatic text reply when you’re not on the Web.

To many people, that seems like quite a challenge. But it’s not. You don’t have to write every line of code. Instead, you need to understand each line and how it all works.

Every technique you use requires programming so that it can work properly. That’s why programming is closely intertwined with our lives. You can create entirely new things in any field. For example, you can make your website. Knowing the programming language, everyone can show their creativity quite easily.

Programming gives you more than just a set of basic skills. It improves your problem-solving ability, and it also helps strengthen your patience level. You may not feel it right away. However, it will affect all areas of your life in the future.

The year 2022 is full of surprises. The job market is changing completely. Many professions are becoming irrelevant, so people are trying to find new opportunities to survive. Learning programming languages will give you new skills that will help you succeed in your job.

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