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Best WordPress Plugins for Business SEO, Social Media and Security in 2015

by Fahad Saleem

Millions of publishers around the world are using WordPress as their blogging and publishing platform online. WordPress has revolutionized the publishing business, cut the difficult interface and CMS problems. It provided the publishers with simple, easy to use interface using which they could publish the content and optimize their business with simple ways without plunging into complexity. WordPress plugins are the primary source of optimization of any websites. WordPress Plugins are pieces of software that do different tasks. In this post, I will mention the best WordPress plugins to use in 2015. You can use these WordPress plugins for boosting your business, social media traffic and security purposes of your website.

Best WordPress Plugins for Business SEO 2015

Yoast Plugin

WordPress SEO plugins is a hot topic as SEO can be the decisive factor in your business. YOAST WordPress plugin has always stood out and for 2015, you must use this plugin for all your SEO needs. It gives you places to add meta-tags, keywords, meta description while you are publishing your content. It also recommends best SEO practices for your WordPress blog.

Google Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics Plugin is a must have SEO plugin for WordPress website. Using this, you can track the traffic, number of page views, visitors, and much more in your dashboard. It also shows you traffic progress in the form of graphs.

W3 Total Cache

Page Load times are a key factor in the SEO of any website. W3 Total Cache is the best WordPress plugin for SEO to try in 2015 because it compresses the pages for quick downloads, creates CDN for traffic, creates cookies and cache the pages in the local directory.


 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media 2015


 Floating Social Media Plugin

Floating social media sharing WordPress plugin is the best social media plugin for WordPress 2015. This plugin adds social media sharing buttons with counters under all your posts. You can track the shares and share the posts on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

Ultimate Delux Social Media Plugin 

Ultimate social Delux is one of the best social media plugins for WordPress 2015. It does not use iFrames so you don’t need to worry about slower page load times. It offers options about how you want to place the sharing options with your posts.

 Monarch by Elegant Themes

This paid social media plugin for WordPress is developed by Elegant Themes and servers as the powerhouse for all your post sharing. It encourages the users to share the posts with a great style.

 Best WordPress Plugins for Security 2015


BackupBuddy is a must have WordPress security plugin in 2015. The attacks on websites are increasing and you can’t afford to lose your website data and hard work. You can set automatic backup schedules using this plugin. It also offers migrations and server move options.

 iThemes Security 

This is another must have security plugin for WordPress in 2015. It saves your websites from spamming, attacks, hides wp-content under different names, automatically tests the user before the login if the traffic is coming from a spammy source. It also protects your login and search pages from any intrusion.


Wordfence is best WordPress plugin for security in 2015. It applies two-factor authentication, checks and scans your websites for any vulnerability or database error. Wordfence is powered by Falcon Engine, which is a strong online intrusion detection and security system.

These are some of the best WordPress Plugins for 2015. Social media, security and business of your WordPress website are the most vital aspects for success online. Download these WordPress plugins and let us know your feedback in the comments. did a research on web hosts on ways how to optimize your website pages and help it rank in the Google search engine.

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