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Bingo Networks Explained: What They Are And How They Work


When it comes to online bingo, it has to be said that the industry has enjoyed an unprecedented surge in growth during recent times.

From new sites launching to existing sites seeing their membership figures swell, online bingo gaming is going through a serious purple patch.

With that said, many players remain unaware of how the industry truly functions, with bingo networks, in particular, a largely misunderstood section of the business. Essentially, bingo networks are when a range of sites pool their players and resources to create a larger ‘network’ allowing for bigger jackpots. Simple enough, but if you don’t quite grasp it then you can always check out this guide on networks.

Still, in this article, we will take a quick look at bingo networks, seeking to explain what they are and how they work. We will also consider some of the top networks out there today and which sites are members of these. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what exactly bingo networks are.

What are bingo networks?

As mentioned above, bingo networks form when two or more bingo sites pool players and resources in order to create a larger jackpot for players to compete for. In this system, players compete in shared bingo rooms across various sites and, with so many players, anything can happen in these bingo games!

How do bingo networks work?

Now that we have taken a look at what bingo networks are, let’s consider how they work!

So, the main thing to consider when thinking about bingo networks is that they are made up of two or more sites that come together to combine powers and, hopefully, attract more players to enjoy their bingo games.

Now, sites don’t usually say that they are part of a network, even though many are. What’s more, plenty of sites are owned by the same company and function as part of a wider family with other ‘sister’ sites.

What are some bingo networks?

Well, now that we have looked at what bingo networks are and how they work, it is vital to look at some examples so that you have a practical basis for understanding this concept.

So, the world’s biggest bingo network is named Virtue Fusion. You may or may not have heard of it, but chances are you have played on one of it’s sites if you are a bingo lover!

Particularly popular with UK bingo sites such as Mecca, Gala, Sun, Paddy Power and more, Virtue Fusion sites tend to be among the world’s biggest! For this reason, it is important to state that not every game at sites on the VF network are shared rooms, but only some. More often than not, it is those games with the very biggest jackpots that are shared rooms. When you see a number of players detailed in a bingo game, you can be sure that this is the overall total from all bingo sites rather than just the one you happen to be using.

Other top bingo networks worth mentioning include Dragon Fish (888) and Real Bingo (Yay, Blighty).

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