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#BlackLivesMatter Always Have; Always Will

by Maya Johnson
Violence against African Americans is nothing new to the public eye. There is always a news story about black-lives-matterpolice shooting an unarmed African American boy, or tackling an African American student for no reason. Because of stories like these, there have been hundreds of #BlackLivesMatter rallies in large cities, spreading the awareness of equality love among everyone, no matter their gender, race, or sexuality.
What People Are Tweeting:
Don’t you ever forget that.

— Amarie Gipson (@curatedbyAmarie) April 20, 2016


#BlackLivesMatter #Vancouver chapter organizes in solidarity with #Toronto

— Judy Woo (@Woo_Judy) April 20, 2016


Never let other people determine what your integrity will be when you walk into a room – Janaya Khan#CCU #BlackLivesMatter

— Carmelita W. (@Wheres_Sandiego) April 20, 2016

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